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“If you can envision something in your mind, the only thing that should really prevent you from achieving it is time and space. And if you are driven and disciplined enough, you can use your skills to create it.” Yianni Konstantopoulos does not bind himself to time and space — he’s had lifetime’s worth of unique and varied success. His real estate team, the THRIVE Team @ Compass, is just his latest rendition of what he can imagine, will, and create.

Born in Athens, Greece, Yianni moved to the United States at the age of 2 and grew up in Kensington, Maryland. He originally imagined a path to medical school and earned a degree in biology with minors in creative writing and applied ethics. He was pre-med until he made the move into management consulting after college.

Early in his career, Yianni worked in the Corporate Strategy Practice at Corporate Executive Board, and at the World Bank. During his 15 years as a C-suite executive, Yianni counseled hundreds of senior executives at Fortune 500 organizations, led teams that accounted for over $250 million in new revenue, negotiated or mediated multimillion-dollar service contracts, and spoke at countless conferences and events. Yianni then became the Vice President of Strategy and New Business Development at Blue State Digital, the digital agency most well known as the driving force behind two legendary presidential campaigns helping elect President Barack Obama.  

Seeking a more global impact, Yianni became the Global Managing Director of Social Media for the world’s largest advertising marketing agency, Ogilvy. He was based in Sydney, Australia, and had a remit for most of the firm’s Asia–Pacific social portfolio. Some of his personal clients included Coca Cola, British Airways, IBM, and Mercer.

Having reached the top of the corporate advertising and marketing world, Yianni had nothing left to imagine or create without looking outside of it all and going in a different direction altogether. The first place he looked was within.

As Yianni meditated and reflected on what was within his heart, he realized his passion for real estate, a passion that had been with him from a young age, when he would spend summer days working closely with his father and brother, who are longtime real estate developers and still active general contractors in the area. With a deep knowledge of the Washington metropolitan area, having grown up and invested much of his life here, he decided a career in real estate was his next best bet, and perhaps what he should have pursued all along. “You should really pursue what’s in your heart A LOT sooner. A true passion will reveal itself early … and once you feel it, you should pursue it,” he says. “I know that I waited a lot longer to really dive in, but I am so glad I did.”

“The best part about real estate is that it has, across millennia, been the best way to create meaningful change and personal wealth,” he continues. “Real estate is the basis of those goals and dreams and the base from which we can all grow and thrive,” he says.

The culmination of Yianni’s success and vision in real estate can be found in the formation of his team, THRIVE, a Real Trends Top Team since 2018, and recipient of many other accolades. “One of the most important factors for success in this business is the ability to motivate,” Yianni explains. “Self-motivation is huge, but also being able to leverage momentum and energy into collective action.”

“My team is very diverse (we collectively speak 13 different languages) and we have very different talent sets, so creating a platform that scales to each of them, while sustaining 25 percent annual growth is challenging. Our ultimate goal, however, is ensuring that clients receive the most exceptional experience, and our dedication in helping clients attain their dreams is the core binding us together. We are authentic, we are transparent, and we are effective.”

Outside of the business, Yianni says his family is the most important thing. He and his wife, Lisa, have two children, Eli and Emma. As a family, they love camping, fishing, canoeing, traveling, hiking, and just being out in nature any way they can.

As Yianni keeps moving forward, no matter where he goes or what he does, he will continue to thrive, as he keeps his favorite quote, by George Bernard Shaw, top of mind: “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”