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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dimitrios Thomaidis, like many other working professionals, found himself spending more time at home than usual. He and his wife, Laura, have been married four years. With home life in the forefront, Dimitrios began thinking about getting a puppy. Discreetly, Dimitrios began suggesting dog-focused movies on Netflix.

“We watched all the Golden Retriever-related movies on Netflix. As we’re watching this movie, Laura made this comment that it’s always nice to have two pets, so they keep each other company.”

Dimitrios began to research breeders, only to discover that many others had the same idea that he had during the pandemic. Puppies — like many essential goods — were in short supply. “I wanted to get them sooner rather than later,” Dimitrios recalls. And then, Charlie and Bella found their way home. Dimitrios received the call that a breeder had two puppies available for him.

“I watched the videos he sent me, and Charlie always seemed to be looking around, playing, and alert, while Bella was always sleeping in every picture. I thought it was a good fit,” Dimitrios says. “But lo and behold, once we got them and started seeing their personalities, it turns out that Bella is the boss, the dominant one, and Charlie is a bit of a space cadet. They’re really cute,” Dimitrios beams. “Whenever they sleep or have a treat, they are always touching their paws. They’re always together. They’ll lay down on top of each other or touch paws. And for the most part, they are really well behaved. They haven’t done anything too crazy. When the cicadas were in full bloom, they did appear to acquire a taste for the little bugs. They did go crazy for the first time when we gave them bacon, too — they were literally shaking from the bacon.”

Charlie and Bella celebrated their six-month anniversary in June. They’ve become part of Dimitrios and Laura’s growing family; the couple is expecting a baby boy in October 2021. “Charlie and Bella are starting to notice that something is different. We’re really looking forward to the baby playing with them when he arrives.” 

Q&A with Charlie and Bella

Real Producers: Tell us about your idea of a perfect day.

Charlie and Bella: Belly rubs in the morning, then a treat. Then we’ll go outside and look for cicadas (we love eating them). So we’ll run around the yard looking for special treats. Definitely more belly rubs, then nap time. Then we’ll go back to the stream and play in it.

Real Producers: What’s one thing that most humans just don’t get about you?

Charlie and Bella: That we can never have enough treats. We will do anything for treats.

Real Producers: If you could give humans one piece of advice, what would it be?

Charlie and Bella: Even after a long day, we are always ready to cuddle and make you happy.

Real Producers: What are your goals and dreams for the future?

Charlie and Bella: To play with our newest member of the family. We can already smell him, so we know it’s a boy, but we look forward to playing with him when he arrives.


Born in Germany, Dimitrios Thomaidis’ path took him first to Germany before he immigrated to the U.S. at 9 years old. Dimitrios always knew that he wanted to devote his professional career to a service that he was passionate about. During his freshman year of college, he began working for a small, boutique title company, and he was hooked. Dimitrios, with Eastern Title & Settlement, has now been in the title and settlement industry for 20 years. 

The most fulfilling part of my work is being able to hand over the keys to the new buyers. Months and sometimes even years of planning have gone into that special moment,” Dimitrios says. “Our customer service and our ability to connect with each and every client makes us different.”

In his free time, Dimitrios enjoys spending time with his wife, Laura, and, of course, his dogs, Charlie and Bella.