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Everything happens for a reason.

The sentiment may be cliché, but to Todd Greenbaum, this saying holds power. In real estate, as in life, obstacles continually arise. The issue is not one of how to avoid the obstacles, but rather, how to overcome them.

With the outlook that every event has a purpose, Todd is armed with the equanimity and groundedness to guide his clients through the final steps of a real estate transaction.

“I feel like that’s how we handle things here,” Todd says. “We keep moving forward and try to stay even-keeled in our problem-solving. That’s the approach we take as a company.”

Rewind: The Path to Title

After graduating from Lafayette College, where he played quarterback, and then the Widener University Delaware Law School, Todd began his career in civil litigation. In 2007, however, a transition into real estate law would forever alter the course of his career.

Todd’s family has experience in the real estate industry and, as he says, “I had a feeling it would be something I might end up doing.”

After starting in the title business, Todd realized that he had a love for the work. He began in the trenches, learning the ins and outs of working up title and preparing files for settlement. He learned how to handle settlements and began teaching classes to agents. Just two years later, in 2009, he was ready to step out on his own and founded Title Town Settlements, LLC.

“I found that I liked the industry. I started to create some business for myself. I thought, ‘I could do well in this,’ and had a vision for the future. I decided it was the right time to start my own company.”

A Hometown Feel

Todd started Title Town Settlements on his own, working out of his apartment and traveling for his closings. Over a decade later, he’s grown the company to a team of six — two attorneys and four processors — and has an office in Rockville, Maryland. Due to their size, the company is able to serve its clients while still maintaining a familial feel.

“I love not only the legal aspect of the business but also the personal interaction we have with our clients,” Todd says. “Our tagline is ‘Your Hometown Settlement Team’ because we know how important teamwork is in our industry. Everyone working together helps to make the entire process better for everyone involved.”

Todd and his team have worked hard to establish and maintain Title Town Settlements’ reputation for being responsive, detail-oriented, and customer service-driven. They work tirelessly to help their clients and partners.  

“What I’ve come to learn through all these years, and one of the reasons why we’ve been able to grow the business, is that agents like when the attorneys in the office are involved in and have knowledge of the files. I’ve always made a point of staying involved in our process from start to finish. That helps us to be extremely responsive and provide a quality experience for everyone involved.”

Beyond Title

Outside of work, Todd is a devoted husband and father. He and his wife, Stacie, have three children at home — Addison (10), Grayson (7), and Londyn (3).

“Being a business owner, I’m motivated to do well, have a successful business. However, knowing there is a family at home who depends on that success, that’s something that really motivates me on a daily basis. They make it all worthwhile,” Todd explains.

Todd and his family have continued to make sports a significant part of their lives. Whether it’s cheering on the local teams or going to his kids’ sporting events, Todd wants his children to learn the same lessons from athletics that he did.  

“I think the experiences we take from playing on a team and learning to deal with pressure are invaluable tools that we can take with us later in our careers.”  

Whether he’s at home with his family or in the office caring for clients, one thing remains constant — Todd’s willingness to go the extra mile for others. This quality is on display in everything he does.

“We have a different level of customer service we’re able to provide. It’s personal,” Todd says.

For more information, please visit www.titletownsettlements.com.