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The hopes that your clients have for their future years are strong. Each day, your work helps those plans become tangible. One who excels at that is Teddy Rojanadit.

As a REALTOR® with the Bediz Group at Keller Williams Capital Properties, Teddy pours himself into serving his clients … in turn, delivering on their dreams.

“I truly love helping someone make that big leap with one of the biggest purchases of their life and helping them make their dreams come true,” Teddy emphasizes. “I love seeing the look on someone’s face when they see their dream home and getting them to the closing table, whether it’s their first home or their forever home.”

Teddy is licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, having earned all three licenses within a three-month period.

An Early Start

While many who enter real estate often do so after finding success in other careers, Teddy’s move into the business came at an early age. “I knew I would be in real estate since I was a teenager. If I had a dollar for every person who told me I should be a realtor, I would be a millionaire,” Teddy says.

“It really dawned on me during college. My best friend’s aunt is a top agent in Bethesda. I would see her work and do things while I visited her beach house,” Teddy remembers. “She said to me one day, ‘You need to be a real estate agent. There’s nothing more satisfying than being in sales.’ That was a powerful moment. I started to focus on a real estate career path after we had that conversation.”

Picking Up Experience

After college, Teddy started working for America’s leading homebuilders, Ryan Homes. “During that time in 2013, I got my foot in the door. I learned a lot from working on the homebuilder side and getting a good understanding of how a home is built, as well as working in the mortgage lending department,” Teddy points out. “I also got good experience in the corporate world. I was a top producer in a competitive environment. Through that time, I was learning about real estate and what it takes to work really hard. That helped me get a very good work ethic.”

Teddy earned his real estate license and moved into residential sales.

Signs of Success

From the start, it was clear that Teddy had found a good fit in real estate. In fact, during his first year, he recorded $8 million in sales volume. He kept that momentum building during his second full year in the business in 2020, when his production ballooned to $17 million. This year, his goal is $20 million.

“I love my job so much that it doesn’t really feel like a job at all,” Teddy smiles. “Another thing I’ve always really enjoyed is the design side,” Teddy says. “In fact, I’d say that if I wasn’t a real estate agent, I would probably be working in interior design.”

Away from work, Teddy likes to travel, as well as explore local areas. He also stays very active, working out each day.

Making an Impact

Those who work with and get to know Teddy appreciate his willingness to give of himself and the way he gives back to those around him. “My biggest thing is helping new agents. I remember being a new agent and not having a mentor. I really like coaching and helping people out, and also to help them see if this business is right for them.” he says. “People glamorize this job. This wasn’t a fallback career for me. I knew I wanted to do this.”

With each step forward, Teddy has kept learning and growing with a true sense of gratitude. “Every job I’ve had has led me to be the real estate agent I am,” Teddy explains. “I love what I do. I feel so blessed all the time waking up and doing what I love to do. “

Congratulations to this month’s Rising Star, Teddy Rojanadit, who makes a lasting positive impact by doing his part to deliver on dreams.