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My slogan is ‘Experience the Difference.’ What inspired that was the fact I don’t ever want to focus on one transaction, one home, or one commission check. I want to give the client an experience they’ll remember in a positive way by truly caring about what’s best for them, keeping their needs first, and working hard to achieve the outcomes and results I promised and that they’re expecting.”

Born and raised in Montgomery County, Rocky Bowers, a REALTOR® with Compass, is a second-generation real estate agent with local knowledge, personal experience, and integrity. After graduating from high school, Rocky attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and then transferred to his eventual alma mater, the University of Maryland, College Park. “After college, I moved back to Montgomery County and lived there ever since. My wife always jokes that I’ve lived in a two-mile radius my whole life,” Rocky laughs.

Growing up, Rocky watched his father, Ken, thrive as a real estate agent. Rocky hoped to follow in his father’s footsteps, but after graduating from college amid the Great Recession, he decided to take a detour. For five years, Rocky worked for Liberty Mutual selling insurance before returning to his roots to give real estate sales a shot. Over the past eight years, Rocky has proven that his skills can stand on their own. His career volume is over $150 million, and he closed $25 million individually in 2020.

“Working in real estate has been an adventure,” Rocky reflects. “My wife and I met the first month I started, and she’s been there with me through the good and the bad… I’m also blessed to work with my dad and two of my best friends from high school, which really makes it a lot of fun.”

From Sports to Real Estate

Rocky has long held a love for sports. He played soccer in college and continues to play the game along with racquetball, basketball, and pickleball. Playing sports isn’t only a pastime for Rocky — his experiences on the field have helped him grow both personally and professionally. “My whole life, I wanted to play D1 soccer, and it would take hard work and practice. I try to take the same work ethic into real estate, along with a mix of always trying to improve. If you just go play soccer and don’t spend time practicing and improving, you’ll improve slowly. I think the same applies to real estate, where if you just keep going without taking steps back to evaluate how you’re doing it and how it could be done better, you won’t improve at the rate you could.”

Through racquetball — an individual sport — Rocky has learned that he alone is responsible for his success or failure. “Racquetball is one of my favorite sports because if you lose, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. It is similar to real estate, where you can only point the finger at yourself if the results aren’t there,” he explains.

Stepping Into the Future 

Now almost a decade into his real estate career, Rocky is building the type of business that can last for generations. He hopes to expand to Florida, where he owns a home, and aspires to do more real estate investing.

In all aspects of life, Rocky strives for balance. He is a firm believer in a work hard, play hard lifestyle. “To me, a cool life is one where you can see the benefits of hard work through being able to live the life you’ve wanted and also help those around you,” he says.

Outside of work, Rocky is involved with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and enjoys traveling with his wife. “My biggest motivator is getting the house on the Gulf in Sarasota. We have a house there now, but it’s not on the water. That’s the goal, and my wife is very diligent at reminding me,” Rocky laughs.

To achieve these goals, Rocky will continue to rely on the skills that have gotten him to where he is today — hard work, dedication, and resilience. “No plan is perfect, no investment is perfect, and the key is just putting yourself out there and doing it. I like to remind myself that Amazon started out as an online bookstore before it got to what it is today.”