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“Invest in what you know.” —Peter Lynch

Russell Brazil is an investor in what he is passionate about — real estate, life, traveling and in being an investor himself.

He started in real estate in 2015 because he was determined to make a change in his world.

“I had been working in health care full-time in middle management. Being in middle management is about the worst thing I can imagine. You eat crap from the employees you manage, and you eat crap from upper management, so you are really just eating crap from everyone at all times,” Russell affirms. “Real estate offered me the ability to be self-employed and to focus on growing my own wealth instead of other people’s wealth.”

And it has made all the difference. Russell has a high sales volume — sold about 25 homes last year alone — and has received several awards, but perhaps the highest reward of all is the impact in his personal life. “I am passionate about real estate, investing, and personal finance. So pretty much, I have the best job in the world. I get to talk about these things constantly. Basically, I am just making a living getting paid to talk about the things I am most passionate about.”

A few years ago, Russell attended a training that made an incredible impact on his thought process. The trainer asked a room of agents what their most important job in real estate was and while many answered, no one got the answer that he was looking for. He told them your number one job is to be a lead generator. And that is what he has shifted to focus on for about three hours a day. He is also really active on social media, but the key to converting is high engagement to help build his presence on that platform.

“I was a real estate investor prior to being a real estate agent. Most agents are generalists. I am a specialist. I specialize in working with small investors, primarily on buy-and-hold properties, but also with some who are flippers,” he states. “While I will venture into general properties from my sphere or referrals, really staying within that investor niche is the best use of my time. There is a saying that there are ‘Riches in the Niches.’ That has been true for me. The second factor has been a commitment to lead generating activities, making that the focus of how I spend my day.”

Outside of the office, Russell is happily married to his wife Liz, an occupational therapist with Montgomery County Public Schools. She is also an active voice in the business and in business decisions, which helps to keep her engaged in their success. “We have been married since 2011, and together since 2008. We live in Downtown Crown with our dog Pumpkin,” he exclaims. He also gives back to the community that helped to shape him. “I grew up in a poor area of Boston. I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to a high school there — Malden Catholic High School — which really changed my life. I try to give back to that community, as well as the religious order that runs it, the Xaverian Brothers.”

Russell defines success as getting to live the life he wants on the terms he wants. And with him setting his goals, terms, and investments high, what a great, glorious and successful life it is.

Russell can be reached at Russell.Brazil@LNF.com.

Washingtonian Magazine Top Agent
Bethesda Magazine Top Agent
Virginia Living Magazine Top Agent
Long & Foster #10 Region Agent for Units Sold