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“My brain…it cannot process failure. It will not process failure. Because if I sit there and have to face myself and tell myself, ‘You’re a failure’…I think that’s almost worse than death.” —Kobe Bryant

Matthew Dubbaneh has never considered failure.

Prior to starting his real estate career, he was in the horse racing business and also owned a hair salon. “The hair salon really helped me gain first-hand business experience and taught me a lot about interacting with customers and assessing their needs,” Matthew explains. “The horse racing business gave me the stomach to deal with the unexpected and welcome both wins and losses. The combination of the two business experiences shaped me into the multifaceted person that I am today.”

Matthew started his real estate career in Florida in 2015. After a conversation with his now-colleague and mentor Samer Kuraishi, though, he realized that in Washington, DC, there was a bigger opportunity to be around like-minded people and a better culture there to collaborate, build his career and utilize his talents. He joined The ONE Street Company in Northwest DC and hasn’t looked back.

“I’m here to always be a partner with my clients,” he exclaims. He wants them to feel as though they are working with a friend, not just an agent. “What I feel in my heart, I try to translate into words to them. My clients are not numbers or sales figures. What makes me different is persistence, my drive, and my willingness to always go above and beyond for my clients. Understanding people’s unique needs and how to tailor my business model accordingly is what sets me apart.”

Outside of the work Matthew does to serve his clients, family is the most important thing to him. A proud uncle, brother, and son, he loves to spend time with his supportive siblings and their children and appreciates that they all look out for one another. “My mother is a very strong influence in my life; she is very independent and selfless. I believe that family is the cornerstone of every successful business person,” he states.

Matthew also enjoys working out, outdoor activities, sports, and live music. Seeing the world is at the top of his bucket list. He hopes to travel to one new place a year. He supports the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Washington DC, the Capital Area Food Bank, and the Humane Rescue Alliance. And he is just getting started.

“My long-term goals would be to be able to meet someone to share life experiences with. I would like to venture off into different arteries in the real estate industry such as teaching, development projects, and creating one synchronized system to make each transaction much more agent- and client-related. I feel that I am achieving my short-term goals every day I am here on this planet, such as staying focused and helping one client at a time — never miss a beat.”

He is striving to balance work and life — one of the biggest struggles he has — though he is learning every day about the value of hustle and success while still enjoying his lifestyle outside of the office. He aims to help educate his clients and to ensure that all parties are happy. “You have to be like an octopus, reaching different directions at the same time,” he says with a smile. “The biggest reason for success is a positive mindset. In a business that relies on the performance of others, it is key to look at the good and bad and learn a lesson from it. It can come in waves, but it’s how you ride the tide that determines if you will be able to grow and reach new heights.”

Those heights keep growing taller, and Matthew Dubbaneh will continue to be one to keep looking up to.

You can reach Matthew at matt@onestreet.one and at 240-271-7778.