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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —Maya Angelou

Maryam Redjaee sets herself apart by ensuring her clients won’t forget her. “I put my clients first. It’s so gratifying helping people find their place in the world. Each client is unique and different in what they need… I love helping them find what is the perfect fit for them!” she exclaims.

Maryam found her way to real estate serendipitously. She has always been passionate about remodeling and interior design, and offers her designer eye to her friends on the side. At a party where she had done the interior design for the home, a friend introduced her to a real estate agent, who told her, “You need to be in real estate.”

So three years ago, Maryam joined Compass, in Chevy Chase, and hasn’t looked back.

Much of her success — and she has had a great deal of it in her short time in real estate — can be attributed to personal ethics and integrity. Having worked in cut-throat and bloodthirsty businesses, first as a pharmaceutical specialized sales representative for over 14 years, and as a real estate agent since May 2017, Maryam knows firsthand how one can get caught up in competition. But she prides herself on not compromising her integrity and always providing her clients with the highest level of service she can. She never lets the competitive nature of the business change who she is or how she treats her clients.

“I love the process of getting a home market-ready, and helping someone find their home is so much fun. What keeps me most excited is that each day changes with what my clients need, so there is always something new. No two days are ever alike in this industry! If you do this job for passion, it doesn’t feel like work,” she states.

Maryam also maintains an active and engaged lifestyle. She is licensed in Virginia, D.C., and Maryland, and has been married to her husband, Bahram, for 21 years. They have two high-school-age children who keep them busy, as they are both involved in their schools and activities. An ideal day, she says, starts with her son driving to school and her driving her daughter. She goes to the gym for a little over an hour to feel centered and refreshed, and then heads to the office to do client follow-ups, check emails, and run some comp sheets. She then meets a client, shows some houses, and writes and submits an offer. In the evening, she catches up with and spends time with her family.

Now, that is a good day. And if she had one more hour in her day, Maryam would splurge and get a spa treatment. “I am at a place in my life that I don’t compromise sleep and health.” She tries to meditate daily to keep centered and grounded each and every day.

She is also passionate about giving back. “I am so blessed, so I want to do all that I can do.” She serves as the Compass Cares Champion for the Compass DMV offices to help agents learn how they each can give back to the community. She asks a simple but profound question, “What direction do you want your money to go?” She encourages others to give to “whatever touches your heart,” saying, “just do that.” At the top of her favorite charities are the National Foundation for Cancer Research (www.nfcr.org) so that one day we can find a cure to cancer, and A Wider Circle (www.awidercircle.org), an organization whose mission is to end poverty.

Maryam defines success as “making a difference in everything that you do” and aims to make that difference every day, in each transaction and interaction. She is a rising star in the industry very likely because, as she says, “I leave a lasting impression with my clients.”

And with the rest of us too.

Maryam can be reached at (202)423-3331 and at maryam@compass.com. You can find her at Instagram @maryamredjaee or online at www.casadayallison.com.