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Jack Shorb grew up in a house of entrepreneurs. And they are nothing short of inspiring.

He works on the Shorb Team, alongside his mom, Ellie Shorb, and while he only began his real estate career in June 2018, he has already done over $10 million in volume. He and The Shorb Team were named a Top Team of Two at Compass. His father also owns Shorb Landscaping.

“At family dinners, I remember my dad would often ask me what I would do with different scenarios he was having at work. Looking back at it now, I know he, of course, didn’t need the advice, but rather wanted me to think through how to best handle interesting situations with clients, or employees,” Jack explains. “I loved these exercises and found it fascinating to think through the nuances of business decision making. Real estate combines my passion for customer service and marketing.”

Jack is a creature of habit (he even drinks the same smoothie for breakfast every day), has an incredible work ethic and stands by the motto, “If it’s not in my calendar, it doesn’t exist.” His day begins with doing a daily journal exercise from Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Journal.

“There I begin a gratitude log, prioritize important tasks, and plan my day. I then head to the gym before heading to the office. Those are the two things I keep consistent throughout my week. From there, the day can take you anywhere, answering questions for clients, previewing properties, and creating marketing campaigns for upcoming listings.”

Jack grew up in Bethesda, studied marketing and psychology at Indiana University, a background that has immensely helped his real estate career with all aspects of working with clients, and the full process of the transaction itself. He sees it as enormously satisfying and fulfilling.

“Whether it is a first-time home buyer, someone downsizing, moving to a different state, or moving to DC for the first time, someone’s home and move make a big impact on their lives,” Jack states. “I feel like my empathy is able to shine through — being able to put myself in my client’s shoes — explaining the pros and cons of a transaction in a manner that provides clarity and calm in a sometimes stressful transition. Every day is different with real estate and there are different and unique challenges for every client. As an agent, you have to be able to think on your feet and find creative solutions to problems.”

Jack defines success as being happy. “I am a firm believer in this. Having a well-balanced, rewarding life with meaningful friendships and a career that fulfills you is everything.”

Jack wants to continue to learn and grow in the industry. He is constantly looking at ways to improve systems and customer experience. Outside of the office, you can find him enjoying all that the city has to offer.

“I am a big fan of music, concerts, and food. I recently started taking DJ lessons, which has been a very fun creative outlet for me. And I have been very into cooking from a young age. I love DC’s impressive and diverse restaurant scene. It is so fun exploring new restaurants as they pop up throughout the city.”

Jack will continue to follow his family’s entrepreneurial footsteps while persisting to be a rising star to watch. And he will, no doubt, leave a tremendous mark, all his own.

Jack Shorb can be reached at 301-767-7545 and emailed at jack.shorb@compass.com.