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If a client needs anything movable to go from point A to anywhere in the world, we have the people, resources, and expertise to get it done well.”

The Perry family has been engrossed in the moving and storage industry for almost a century. Through three generations, the family has built thriving businesses in a wide array of economic and cultural climates. For the team of Rich, Tara, and Sam Perry, the journey has exceeded many of their dreams.

In 1920, William A. Perry Sr. purchased a freight company just outside New York City. He operated that business through 1962, when his son, William Perry Jr., joined the company. William brought innovative ideas and oversaw the expansion of the business into full-service interstate moving. As the years passed, the next generation — Rich and Sam — watched and learned. By the 1990s, Nyack Express had been around for almost 70 years. That’s when Rich and Sam became the third generation to join the company.

“We really had no choice other than to join the family business,” Sam quips. “I’m kind of kidding, but … Rich and I literally grew up pushing a broom in the warehouse for a few bucks as kids.”

Rich and Tara’s journey began as freshman sweethearts at the University of Vermont. As a small business major, Rich wrote his business plan for a Boston location of Perry Moving & Storage. After graduating, the couple settled in Boston, where Rich worked for another moving company in operations and sales. Tara used her master’s degree to begin a research career in special education.

Rich still had the burn to run his own company, like his father and grandfather before him. However, his analysis of the Boston market revealed significant challenges. “For a mover, it was a very mature, oversaturated, and provincial environment,” Rich explains. “I was young and hungry, but I knew we needed to go somewhere else to be a success. But where?”

At the time, Sam was playing lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University. “Rich was looking for the right place for his idea. He and Tara visited me one weekend and immediately saw the potential of the D.C. market. Plus, he had instant access to cheap, reliable labor … me.”

With two trucks, 80-hour workweeks, and a lot of sweat, the brothers began establishing a reputation in the D.C. metro market.

“I can still picture the tiny office with one desk and a phone in this tiny warehouse,” Tara reflects. “Sam and Rich would kill themselves working all day, then Rich and I would go home to this dinky apartment. But they were the stepping stones to something bigger.”

Tara was building her own career in the L.E.A.P Program at the prestigious Kennedy-Krieger Institute, but the family business needed her. “They needed some structure and organization, and it ultimately made so much sense. I remember nursing our oldest while answering the phone for customer service and getting all the documentation in order,” Tara recalls. “It seems crazy now, but it was great because we were together.”

Building a Legacy

Today, Perry Moving & Storage is a full-service, domestic and international relocation and logistics provider. According to Sam, they are one of the fastest-growing organizations in the region, in both revenue and capacity.

“Our core business is residential moving for private and government/military clients,” Sam explains. “We are also experts in commercial projects and office moving. Essentially, if a client needs anything movable to go from point A to anywhere in the world, we have the people, resources, and expertise to get it done well.”

Perry Moving & Storage’s Express Mobile service can assist with decluttering, staging, and preparing for a move. They drop a secure, weatherproof unit at a customer’s home and leave it on site for storage until they are ready for delivery. “It’s a great suggestion when real estate agents discuss the need to stage a home,” Sam says.

It’s All About Trust

Sam believes that the moving business is all about trust.

“For our partners in the real estate industry, it’s about performing at a superior level for every one of your clients. The biggest win-win for us is making you look great for suggesting Perry Moving & Storage and earning repeat referrals,” Sam says. “We love the quote, ‘The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates more customers.’”

Perry Moving & Storage’s longevity is a testament to their quality, value, and integrity. Companies cannot survive — much less thrive — if clients and partners do not believe they are delivering results. With a 100-year family legacy of excellence and 20 years in the D.C. market, Perry Moving & Storage’s reputation precedes them.

“My family’s name is on our buildings, trucks, and even the boxes in our customers’ homes. So, we take enormous pride in upholding our reputation for superior, ethical performance in every facet of our business,” Rich says.

“We respect and value relationships, and that our performance for your clients will reflect the same qualities that a real estate agent works to demonstrate — trust, compassion, attentiveness, and care,” Sam concludes. “A referral to Perry Moving & Storage is the safest and best recommendation you can make. In a performance and value-driven business, we deliver both … every day.”

For more information, please visit www.perrymoving.com.