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“Make every day a masterpiece.”

“It is a pretty simple quote and has a powerful message. I figure, why not do your best to make every day your best?” Rob Mercer asks.

After graduating from the University of Maryland in 1987, Rob took on various odds-and-ends jobs; he bartended, DJ’ed, and waited tables.

“It took me a while to adjust from being the social chairman of my fraternity to life in the real world,” Rob admits lightheartedly. “Rather than me finding the mortgage business, I think the mortgage business actually found me.”

Rob always had the gift of gab, and friends often told him that he would do well in sales. He had a good friend who was doing well in the mortgage business, so, at his recommendation, Rob decided to give it a try. Although Rob didn’t know any real estate agents at the time, he enjoyed finance and was fascinated by real estate.

“So starting in September 1989, I began working hard to meet as many [real estate agents] as possible,” Rob reflects. Slowly but surely, he began to build his business up, and it soon became apparent that he was in the mortgage business to stay. After three decades in the industry — and the many highs and lows that have moved the real estate market in that time — Rob continues to press forward with the work that he has come to love.

“I feel very lucky to have survived some ups and downs in the mortgage industry and have seen my personal business grow,” Rob explains. “I believe part of my success is due to the fact that I have changed companies only three times in 30 years. I would suggest this is very unusual for a loan officer who has a 30-year career.”

First Home Mortgage
In 1999, Rob entered the management side of the business, and he is currently working to build one of the top teams in the D.C. metro area at First Home Mortgage. Rob and his team pride themselves on providing top-notch service from before the pre-approval process begins until after the transaction is closed.

“At First Home Mortgage, we provide residential mortgages, refinancing options, and purchases. We begin with preapproval, which allows a borrower to confidently begin house hunting, and then assist by providing information during the home search,” Rob explains.

“We complete the application and assist in getting the mortgage to final approval status, and work to ensure the mortgage is ready for closing and the paperwork is perfect. We remain available to our clients after they settle for any future questions.”

The Fantastic Voyage
Three years ago, Rob started working on a program that he has dubbed, “The Fantastic Voyage.”

“We white-boarded 76 steps that are the same on every loan,” he explains. “We created a process to make sure each step goes perfectly. The Fantastic Voyage starts at the time my team is introduced to a potential client. We follow the same steps and work to make sure all parties are well-informed throughout the entire process, from preapproval through post-closing. Our team provides superior communication, and our real estate agent referral partners can trust their clients will have the best possible customer experience.”

The goal of The Fantastic Voyage is to allow Rob to capture more business and close more transactions for his real estate partners.

The past 30 years in the mortgage business has been a fantastic voyage in itself for Rob Mercer. As he looks forward to what lies ahead, he is excited to continue to create success for his team, for his clients, and for his partners.

“We want to grow. We want to work with more borrowers,” Rob says. “But most importantly, we want to provide a perfect customer experience. We want to work with honest, hard-working real estate agents who have the best interest of their buyers in mind. We strive to always follow the Golden Rule and treat everyone — buyer, seller, buyer’s agent, and selling agent — like we would treat family. We want everyone to trust us and want to work with us again.”

For more information, please visit robmercermortgage.com.