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“What’s our goal?”

Rob Hopkin, CEO of ProTec Inspection Services, is known for repeatedly asking this question throughout ProTec’s weekly management team meetings.

He started posing this question to reframe team discussions around three years ago at the inception of the ProTec Leadership Team. After just returning from a leadership conference, Rob realized that ProTec couldn’t continue to grow with only two people in a leadership role: him and his wife Michelle. This simple setup, in place since she joined the business in 2007, was not going to be enough to propel them forward year after year.

“We knew that if we wanted to take our family business to the next level, we had to get serious about one thing: our team.” Rob attributes this single notion as the source of the extensive internal growth experienced at ProTec over the last few years.

Realizing ProTec’s future success depends on its ability to thrive as a team, Rob and Michelle appointed and started pouring into their division leaders: weekly accountability meetings, clear goal setting, management training seminars, business coaching calls… They even held a weekly book club to learn from some of the best on how to lead a winning team. They learned to lean heavily on the popular tactic of aiming to get one percent better every day. The momentum gained from making their ambitious growth goals bite-sized sparked an atmosphere of enthusiasm that trickled down throughout the company.

ProTec currently has 35 team members, of which 16 are inspectors; seven small teams make up the collective “ProTec Team.” For every inspector, there is an additional office team member backing them up, with the sole objective of providing comprehensive support.

“How do you get 35 people to row in the same direction?” Rob laughs, reflecting on the organizational puzzle they’ve been working hard on. “It’s all about clarity. We had to get clear about what we want as a company. What’s our goal? Why are we here? And an equally important question is why is each individual here?”

They took defining the company’s mission statement as the perfect opportunity to begin aligning the individual’s goals with those of the team. Everyone was encouraged to bring forward their own personal mission and then the team put it to a vote. The experience of making the decision together proved to be just as important as the outcome.

Rob and Michelle are such strong believers in this team-centric business philosophy that they are now partners and coaches in the original program they attended in 2017, Inspector Empire Builder (IEB). While speaking at a recent conference in Austin, Texas, an attendee posed the question “But how do I find great people?” Rob told him that “great people are everywhere. It’s like looking for a purple car. You never see one until you buy one, then you see them every day. It’s the same for your business. If you’re looking for talent you will see it every day.”

ProTec is known throughout the DMV for their superior customer support, exceptional inspection services, and their small, family-company feel. The company’s team approach is a carefully selected strategy to ensure success by holding tightly onto these distinguishing characteristics as they expand.

“Over the years, we’ve worked hard to fine-tune an inspection experience unmatched in this industry” says Rob. “If we want to be able to help as many people as possible have confidence in making the biggest investment of their life, we need to focus on hiring talented people whose personal mission matches the company’s and training them to our higher standards.”

With their new management in place, the company’s private inspection standards are even higher than before. When asked what Lexy Krause, Director of Growth & Business Development, liked best about the new setup, she said, “There’s always someone looking out for you. Our seasoned team leaders are standing close by to make sure no one strays from the ‘ProTec Way.’ No one is doing this alone, and the training truly never stops. It’s easy to market something you have full confidence in!”

2019 was ProTec’s biggest year yet, with over 6,000 inspections. They are excited to see what the 2020 year will bring. Michelle sums up her feelings about hitting this milestone, “I’m incredibly proud of how close our team has grown and what they’ve accomplished. We’ve finally reached the point where each person knows the role they play and how to execute at a high level. It’s an exciting time.”

So just what is the ProTec Team working towards every day? Protecting the ones you love with inspections you can trust.

To learn more about what this top-rated team can do for you, take a peek at their 1,400 Google Reviews! Visit ProTec-Inspections.com or call (301) 972-8531 for Commercial & Residential Inspections, Radon Testing, Mold Sampling, Termite Inspections, Sewer Scope, Pool Inspections, Infrared Scans and more!