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“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” —Brene Brown

“Our reputation is our business, and how we protect it is important to our growth,” Marlene Campini begins. “Integrity is the moral compass from which I draw inspiration and how I view my business goals.”

Home warranties are one of the most overlooked options in a real estate transaction, and yet, according to Marlene, homes listed with a warranty tend to command a higher price and sell faster than their counterparts. Explaining the benefits of a home warranty to buyers helps to outfit them with what they need to protect their biggest asset: the home they live in.

“[Explaining the benefits of a home warranty] shows that you care and you have the client’s best interest at heart,” Marlene says. “Your business grows from referrals, and what better way to establish it.”

Marlene has found success by leading with integrity, honesty, and vulnerability. As Brene Brown so eloquently states, “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Marlene seeks to live this truth every day.

By surrounding herself with like-minded individuals who continually strive for doing business with integrity, Marlene has built a network of supportive partners that do business with the same level of transparency that she aspires to herself.

From Real Estate Sales to Home Warranty
Before landing a position as an account executive with Old Republic Home Protection, Marlene worked as a real estate agent for over four years. Marlene has always known that helping others is where she finds her greatest satisfaction, and when she was approached by Old Republic with an opportunity to join the company, it felt like a perfect fit.

“It seemed a natural progression,” Marlene explains. “I did my homework in understanding the driving force behind Old Republic and knew that they were ‘home’ for me.”

Old Republic Home Protection is a 45-year-old home warranty company based out of California. Their mission is to provide the best coverage possible, with a “people helping people” mindset.

“We take pride in extending a superior customer experience in all facets of the transaction — from the agent to the plan holder [client] to the contractor,” Marlene explains. “We provide an industry-leading home warranty plan with the most comprehensive coverage.”

Marlene credits the stability and reputation of Old Republic for a lot of her success.

“It makes talking about my product that much easier,” she says. “This, combined with my personal goal to be the best that I can in every situation, makes for a win-win for everyone.”

A Personal Touch
Marlene learned from her many years in sales that while the value in her product is essential, it’s not everything. She knows that the service that she brings to the table is what truly separates her from her peers. Marlene brings a personal touch to everything she does.

“My biggest win-win is building the relationship to a point where there is a deep, mutual trust and respect. Knowing that I will always do my best to make things right is my biggest message,” Marlene explains.

“Being a part of the team,” she continues, “is super important. I appreciate it when an agent sees the value I can bring to their business. I have sat chairside at our home office and listened to plan holder calls. When I hear the relief in a plan holder’s voice because we have been able to help them, it makes doing what I do so much more valuable.”

Marlene’s own definition of success goes far beyond amassing material wealth. For her, success is all about perseverance, integrity, and a desire to put a smile on the face of another.

“I find success in knowing that as many times as I have fallen, I still get back up. Success is knowing that my kids have become loving and caring young adults who want to always do better and be better. Success is knowing that I made someone smile. Success is a journey that never ends. Our failures are not what define us, but how we navigate those times is the cultivator of our future success.”

For more information, please visit www.orhp.com.