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Dream. Design. Build. We believe in this process wholeheartedly.  From the moment a member of our community dreams of something, we hope to partner with them to make it a reality. We stand apart because we can be that partner for them throughout their time in their home.”

Back in 2001, Justin Sprinzen was working as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill. In his spare time, he began taking on real estate investment and development projects. Over the course of a few years, Justin purchased and rehabilitated several residential properties. In addition to selling some of the properties, he also chose to hold the rest as rental assets.

By 2009, Justin had fallen in love with real estate. He left his work on Capitol Hill to become a project manager for a D.C.-based development company. He oversaw the development and conversion of a large condo building and eventually became a strategist with the company. As a strategist, Justin was entrusted with creating and implementing new plans for the organization’s single-family homes division.

Justin found tremendous success in the real estate world, yet, he desired something more meaningful. He aspired to use his passion for the business to serve his community. That vision led to the creation of New Vision Properties, LLC, in 2013.

In the past seven-plus years, New Vision Properties has grown to become much more than a development company. Today, the company offers complete home-ownership solutions, from kitchen and bathroom renovations to home repair, interior and exterior design, landscaping, and home staging. New Vision offers help at every stage of the home-owning process.

“In the real estate world, whether it is construction, home renovation, landscaping and design, or home repair, the biggest win-win for us is making our clients happy and our community a better place to live,” Justin smiles.

Serving the D.C. Community

“New Vision Properties is a home-ownership company that strives to better our communities,” Justin continues. “From the day you purchase a new home through the day you sell it, we provide a 360-degree suite of services to help.”

With a vast array of solutions, New Vision Properties is changing the face of the D.C. metro real estate market. New Vision can handle anything from home repair and renovation (painting, plumbing, electrical, and more) to interior design and staging to landscaping.

“We work with developers, homeowners, and investors through every stage of the real estate transaction, specializing in the redesign and transformation of single and multi-family properties as well as commercial construction projects,” Justin says.

Making a Difference

Justin’s commitment to service extends to real estate agent partners. Justin understands that real estate agents are an essential part of the growth and health of the community. “Agents are trusted by the homeowner, and we strive to be that trusted partner for them to make their client’s purchase of a home or sale of a home as good of an experience as possible,” Justin says. “Whether it is home staging or some necessary repairs before going to market, we want them to know we are ready to help them throughout the process. Each real estate agent is different, and we respect that. We love hearing about their insights on the market and where they think it is heading.”

Justin lives in the community he serves, and the value of helping his neighbors goes beyond anything else he does. Success isn’t just monetary; while healthy finances are imperative to running a business, bettering the lives of others is Justin’s primary objective.

“I have always been fascinated by the real estate industry because it impacts so much of our daily lives,” Justin explains. “Our communities determine a large part of our quality of life and I wanted to ensure I was doing something to make a positive impact. I also respect the role that private enterprise and small businesses make every day. To be able to contribute to bettering the places we live, I feel a great sense of satisfaction. Honestly, seeing satisfied customers is still a rush of happiness. If we have a satisfied customer, we not only have made someone happy, but we have contributed to making a positive impact in our community.”

For more information, please visit www.NewVisionDC.com.