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“I never set out to become a mortgage professional,” Greg Kingsbury begins with a smile.

Greg started out as a bartender while attending the University of Maryland. It was here that he ended up meeting quite a few loan officers. “They would come into happy hour during the week, and several would tell me that I should come work with them,” Greg recalls.

Greg’s mom had been a real estate agent in southern Maryland since he was four years old, so he was already familiar with the business. At the time, however, he was a criminal justice major with dreams of working for the FBI or Secret Service. But when he failed to land a job with either organization, he decided to give the mortgage world a shot.

“The rest is history,” he smiles.

Vellum Mortgage: Creating Partnerships for Life

That was 17 years ago. In late 2018, Greg decided to join Vellum Mortgage, a fairly new mortgage company based out of northern Virginia.

“I joined Vellum with the hopes of helping to create the best mortgage company in the area,” Greg says. “I have made it my team’s focus to enhance the borrower experience, and Vellum provided me with a platform to put my ideas into action.”

At Vellum, one of Greg’s biggest focal points is his relationship with real estate agents.

“We see every referral a real estate agent sends us as possibly the next biggest repeat referral source for their business,” he says. “Our process has been refined with the mindset that every client is a possible referral funnel of untapped business.”

Greg has built his team for capacity. “And we have a ton of it,” he says.

“I have trained my team to know how to manage most any scenario. The capacity we have allows for someone to be readily available to help at all hours of the day, while still allowing members of the team to have a work–life balance. There is always someone on the team ready to help,” he says.

The Kingsbury Mortgage team includes Greg, two production partners, Jeremy Kingsbury and Michael McClellan, and three loan managers, Tina Washburn, Alysia Doyle, and Courtney Short.

“It’s not enough to just be great at your job,” Greg continues. ”You need to have focus on how you can help your partners grow.”

Beyond the Office Walls

Greg and his wife, Natalie, have three daughters: Keira, Aubrey, and Hayden.

”Growing up with three brothers, I always pictured myself having boys and spending my weekends at a ball field,” Greg laughs. ”I can’t say I had any idea of how to raise girls. I tried to push them into the team sports, but they instead found a love for dance and gymnastics.”

“Now, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Outside of dance, we love to go to the beach and spend whatever time we can at the shore.”

If Greg had a perfect morning routine, it would be enjoying a quiet cup of coffee, preferably overlooking the water. Nature and quiet bring incredible peace into his life. He also has a passion for cooking.

“My favorite hobby would be cooking. If I were independently wealthy and set for the rest of my life, I would love to go to cooking school and learn more,” Greg says.

Whether he’s in the office or at home with his family, one thing remains constant: Greg’s life is all about relationships. The people around him continue to teach him — more about himself, more about the world, and more about the multitude of possibilities in any given situation. It’s Greg’s open-minded nature that allows him to experience and explore so much of the beauty that is alive in this world.

“I can’t say enough about having an open mind and being willing to learn, adapt, and change. I am always eager to hear how someone else is doing things and what made them successful, as am I equally eager to pass along things I have learned along the way.”

For more information, visit kingsburymortgageteam.com.