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TruPlace Is Born
Back in 2003, Bob and Suzi Cusack bought a vacation home in Canaan Valley, West Virginia. The decision to purchase the house was exciting but also a significant financial leap. “We knew maximizing rentals was critical. What would differentiate our home from others? What would provide renters enough information, get them engaged, excited to go on vacation, and the confidence to book?” Suzi questioned.

At settlement, a floor plan was included in the closing documents; this became the catalyst for what is now TruPlace’s signature floor plan virtual tour. “What if you not only could see more photos, but you could see how it all flowed together?” Suzi continues. “What if you simply moved your computer mouse on the house floor plan to see the corresponding photo?”

Bob and Suzi came up with the idea of an interactive floor plan. They showed it to their property manager, who said that they really had something unique. That gave birth to Mouse on House, which has since changed its name to TruPlace.

In their first two years, Bob and Suzi focused on the vacation rental industry, but a call from a real estate agent gave birth to another arm of the TruPlace model. After creating a floor plan tour for the real estate agent’s listing, they recognized that it was a need in the real estate market, as well.

The TruPlace Difference
Over the past 13 years, Bob and Suzi have built TruPlace to be a leading visual marketing solutions provider in the DC Metro area and have continued to expand their business in both the vacation rental space and the real estate sales industry. With a national network of vetted and trained professional photographers, they are able to help agents both acquire and sell listings.

TruPlace produces property listing websites for their clients with products and services such as 3D tours, floor plan tours, TruFusion photography, video, drones, and virtual staging. This suite of marketing tools creates demand by providing a prospective guest or buyer with a quick, easy, and accurate visual of the property. Suzi and Bob aspire to help agents sell homes faster, grow their brand, and set themselves apart from their competition.

“TruPlace is committed to adapting to the ever-changing, fast-moving, disrupting, aggregating industry so we can better serve our clients with the most useful products to differentiate their brand and add value to their business,” Suzi explains. “Because TruPlace products and services are proprietary, we welcome feedback to create and improve the things that matter most.”

Built on Teamwork
“We created this business from an idea, and we took the idea and ran with it. It’s easy to forget about all the things that could have gone wrong that didn’t and all the things that turned out well,” Bob smiles.

Looking back over the past decade-and-a-half, Bob and Suzi are ever grateful to be right where they are today. Hard work and doing business with integrity has paid massive dividends in both their personal and professional lives. TruPlace has grown from its first real estate agent in 2006 to thousands of happy clients and brokerages.

“It takes processes to scale a successful business, but it also takes flexibility and the ability to have relationships with our clients and listen to their needs,” Suzi says. “We have a great team of passionate people who truly care about what we’re doing for our clients. Humility goes a long way. We collaborate well, and everyone shares their ideas.”

The TruPlace team now includes over 20 employees and hundreds of photographers across the United States. Their first employee from over 13 years ago, Sean Sheppard, has gone on to open the first TruPlace expansion office in Charleston, South Carolina.

“We have a great team that professionally delivers quality products and services to our amazing clients,” Bob boasts. “TruPlace creates and delivers relevant products with the agent and the end consumer in mind. We don’t swing to the ‘shiny new penny’ but rather listen to our clients’ needs to develop visual marketing solutions that will help them achieve their objectives.”

For more information, please visit www.truplace.com.