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Twelve years working for real estate attorneys. Five years as a mortgage lender. Eighteen years as a real estate agent.  

When Pamela DuBois launched Dream Real Estate TV in 2019, it was the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of experience in the real estate industry. After building successful careers in three distinct corners of the business, she took a step back and realized that something was missing in the DC real estate market. Today, she’s devoted her professional life to filling that void.

Rewind: Experience Matters

For as long as she can remember, Pamela has been inspired to be an entrepreneur. “I always believed in sales, and it seemed to be one of the more lucrative things,” Pamela says. “I wanted to work for myself, and I believed the entrepreneurial mindset would lead me to success.”

At just 19 years old, Pamela got her real estate license and set off to build her business alongside her partner. Although she was young, she began to slowly understand the business. She gained trust and credibility with clients. Soon, as Pamela’s business took off, she and her husband looked at buying a home for themselves.

“We thought, ‘We’re in real estate; why don’t we buy a house?’ So we drove out to Montgomery County to look at houses and ended up putting in a contract on a new build.”

It was an exciting time for Pamela. Yet, the thought of paying a mortgage on two commission-only salaries was daunting. “We felt a little scared with two commission-based salaries. We didn’t know Montgomery County well, so I applied for a job at a real estate settlement company in Rockville,” Pamela explains. “We were so young. We had our doubts. We were in a whole new area, a new house, a mortgage payment to make.”

Pamela landed that job and decided to transition. She was able to provide a stable income for her family while her husband worked as a real estate agent.

For 12 years, Pamela perfected her craft. She processed cases, handled back-end paperwork, and ensured clients were taken care of. During this time, her partner had moved into the lending world. In 1998, Pamela decided to follow him. She would go on to work as the owner and an active loan officer for the company for five years before returning to where she began, as a real estate agent with Long & Foster.

“I did really well,” Pamela reflects. “I became a top producer and closed as many as 46 deals in a year.”

The Winds of Change

In 2005, however, Pamela entered a challenging time. Her oldest son enlisted in the Army and was deployed to Iraq, his first of five deployments. “It was crazy. I was so stressed out that I couldn’t do anything. I quit looking at the TV, quit listening to the radio, and I couldn’t function. It was the most horrible time of my life.”

Pamela’s personal struggles, coupled with the looming recession, took a toll on her business. She got sick with Lyme disease and became unable to work. Everything seemed to be happening at once. “I did a lot of praying. God was amazing and brought me through that time,” Pamela says.

Eventually, she began to nurse herself back to health. By 2011, she was back to selling real estate full-time. Yet, an idea she had been working on for some time continued to intrigue her.

Bring Her Dream to Life

Pamela recognized that there were no DC-based real estate TV shows. Around the same time, she got a business coach and picked up Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. “It took me to a whole new level as far as mindset. I had this idea, but now I was ready to go out and do it.”

In 2019, Pamela launched Dream Real Estate TV out of a small studio. She began interviewing lenders, real estate agents, and others in the industry. She landed a spot on Fox 5 Plus and helped agents promote their businesses. Slowly but surely, her vision took shape.

Today, Pamela’s primary goal is to promote real estate agents through video marketing. “The idea is to help them become the community influencers that they need to be,” Pamela explains. “As REALTORS®, we are our own brand. Right now, with the digital world, the old way of marketing as a realtor has changed completely. If you don’t have an online presence, how are people going to find you?”

Pamela provides a branded video that she then promotes via all social media outlets. She believes that video marketing helps agents connect with the right clients. Clients can get a feel for an agent through a video before even picking up the phone — meaning, the clients that do call will already have vetted the agent, to an extent.

“A lot of agents spend thousands of dollars to get leads only for them to be poor leads. If agents want to be successful in their space, in their area, their online presence is crucial. They need to be online right now,” Pamela affirms.

Dream Big

As Pamela looks ahead, she continues to move towards her biggest goal — to start a DC-based real estate reality TV show. “I want to share real estate in the Washington, DC, area to the world. That’s the big vision,” she says. “And the main idea would be the same — to promote realtors and show what they’re doing in business.”

As Pamela looks ahead, her professional dreams remain big and audacious. Yet, she is careful not to forget the primary lesson that she learned during her time of intense struggle.

“There are so many miracles around us that we don’t take in on a day-to-day basis,” Pamela reminds us. “Everything is a miracle. I am so intrigued and connected to the mastermind that has created all of this.” 


The American Dream

Pamela is originally from Trinidad; she arrived in the States at just 12 years old, right before high school.

“It’s amazing how far I’ve come,” Pamela beams.