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“I was always a hustler, man,” Harrison Beacher begins with one of his classic, half-joking smiles.

As an undergraduate student at Georgetown University, Harrison Beacher had already begun his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. From a young age, he had the drive and the willpower to create, build, and thrive in the business world.

One of Harrison’s first endeavors was GUCollegesupplies.com. “It was the fall of ’05, and I was playing football on the Georgetown team, working at the bar, beginning my DJing career,” Harrison recalls. “Georgetown was far from a Target or Walmart, and this was before Amazon was big. People needed supplies for their dorm. Me and my friend, Marcus, started this business where we’d make runs to Costco and deliver things.”

Harrison would deliver everything from cases of water to televisions. In their first semester In business, he and Marcus sold over $15,000 in revenue — not exactly rich men’s money, but substantial funds for a college student.

“And that was the daytime part of it,” Harrison continues. “The nighttime was helping throw parties with Marcus. One of my partners now, Ryan Butler, we had a business, BrownBeach Productionz and the Fab Five. We were men of color at a predominantly white school that had terrible parties. So how do we throw a good party on campus and get creative to find a solution within a structure that isn’t welcoming to parties like this?”

Harrison rented spaces, coordinated with the university, and found a market. His biggest party had over 1000 people — at the campus rec room.

Putting It All Together

While Harrison’s days of throwing college ragers are long gone, there is something from those early days that he carries through to today — his drive to create memorable experiences for others. When he launched his real estate business, he did so with the vision to hone in on a market niche and create an experience that will last a lifetime. Harrison got his license in July 2008, right after graduating from college. “I walked across the stage and right into a real estate pre-licensing class,” Harrison recalls.

With the encouragement of a friend’s mother, Sharie Sivertsen, Harrison dove into real estate. “Sharie Sivertsen was all about a servant’s heart … a really caring person. So much of her energy was, ‘How can I support and help people?’ That’s how I learned the business.”

Over a decade later, Harrison continues to run his business with a servant’s heart.  Back in college, the parties were all about connection and community. In real estate, he has taken the same approach. He’s become a master networker, his care for others is clear, and his jovial, upbeat nature shines.

The Birth of Coalition Properties Group

Fast forward twelve years, and Harrison, along with his business partners, are running a sales team of eight agents and five administrative staff with Keller Williams Capital Properties. He partnered with Ryan Butler and Keith James — two other men of color — to form Coalition Properties Group. “We went out on a limb and asked, ‘What would it look like if we combined our voices?’ The economy of scale would earn our way into different rooms and do this differently than any young men of color were doing.”

Starting Coalition Properties Group was a risk for Harrison. He was already running a wildly successful real estate business, and he knew he’d have to take a step back to launch the team. Yet, he knew the rewards could be massive. “To pivot it and do something different was scary,” Harrison says. “I was doing 50 to 60 units per year at the time, $30 million. And I decided to take a step back to invest in the team, developing agents on the team, and helping this thing grow.”

Two years into the journey with Coalition Properties Group, and Harrison is already seeing the rewards. This year, the team is on track to close a staggering 400 units.

The Future is Bright

Harrison and his wife, Lindsay, live in Northeast D.C. Harrison is still a fan of throwing massive parties, but the tone has undoubtedly changed since his college days.

“I love to have people over. I am obsessed with barbecuing tons of food for people, assembly-line style,” Harrison beams. “Still about creating that party and experience. That element of hosting and event planning is something I really geek out about.”

Harrison also loves to travel, learn about culture, and stay involved in his own community. In 2022, he’ll be president of the local Association of REALTORS®. With Coalition Properties Group, his goals are audacious.

“There’s no reason why we can’t get up to 1,000 units per year,” he says. “When you get to that number, there’s the opportunity for vertical integration — investment in title insurance and mortgage companies. That’s what the legacy brokerages in this region did.”

“But in the end,” Harrison continues, “it’s all about providing the best experience. We are here for everything real estate, lifestyle, and wealth building. A lot of this is for people of color, who haven’t had those opportunities historically. Our vision of community organization and wealth building is only getting bigger.”