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With just three years under his belt, Eric Fafoglia is making some big strides in real estate. He made top agent at Compass last year (just his second year in) and is currently helping to grow The Shorb Team alongside Ellie Shorb and her son, Jack Shorb.

While real estate is somewhat of a new endeavor for Eric, it was a longtime interest of his, going back to childhood. Growing up in Saint Louis, MO, Eric had two interests — cars and real estate. His best friend’s dad owned a couple of apartment buildings for passive income, which always impressed Eric. The ability to create wealth through real estate was something Eric was always privy to, and it intrigued him.

Eric’s father was in finance and provided a nice lifestyle for his family, something Eric was keenly aware of growing up and wanted to be able to continue that lifestyle for himself and his future family someday. So he went to the University of Missouri Columbia and majored in finance. When it came time for him to pick a minor, he saw real estate on the list of options and decided to go for it.

After graduating in 2013, Eric was able to pursue his first interest — cars — with a corporate position at Toyota, where he was immediately put into a management training program. Eric was ecstatic to work for Toyota, not only for the cars but because the job was in Southern California and he was able to live in Redondo Beach for a time.

His time in California was short-lived, however, as he was transferred to Baltimore, MD, no more than a year later. Having already acclimated to the cosmopolitan lifestyle, Eric felt a drastic contrast between Los Angeles and Baltimore. “Living in Baltimore didn’t speak to me, but I knew DC was more cosmopolitan, had great restaurants and the lifestyle I was craving, so I moved to DC and never looked back,” he explains.

Interestingly enough, it was Eric’s landlord in DC who got him into real estate. Eric was renting a place from top producer Sebastien Courret with a couple other roommates. Sebastien would often invite them to the rooftop for a drink and to watch the sunset. It didn’t take long before Sebastien picked up on the fact that Eric was not happy with his corporate lifestyle and the politics that go with working at a large company. One night, while they were talking, Sebastien said, “Eric, you have to get into real estate. You would be phenomenal. I will mentor you.” So after talking with his fiancée about it, Eric decided to take the jump and enter real estate. He joined Sebastien’s team, The Alliance at Compass, at the beginning of 2019 and began learning everything he could.

“Sebastien taught me everything I needed to get started and get on my feet. He was so patient and was very hands-on, spending precious time that he didn’t really have to explain things to me, take me to meetings, and teach me how to be an agent and how to do it the right way, to really take care of the people you work with, and take care of your clients,” Eric says.

One of the agents Eric connected with right away was Jack Shorb. Eventually, Jack joined the team, and they started helping each other. They quickly partnered up and began sharing every client 50/50. “We just like working as a duo,” Eric says. “We consistently see eye-to-eye, and our clients get two brains instead of one. They love it, and we can help each other out. It’s a win-win.”

2020 was Eric’s and Jack’s best year. They loved working together and they loved working at Compass. So when Sebastien decided to change brokerages at the end of the year, Eric and Jack decided to stay. “We knew Compass was a great fit for us. We both loved the culture at the office and all the technology and tools they provide to make our job easier and clients happier,” Eric explains. “Ellie was with Compass, and we knew she was wanting to grow her team, and we wanted to help her do that as well.”

Eric and Jack started on The Shorb Team in January of 2021, and along with acting as agents, they assumed the roles of growth experts, spearheading the hiring process, putting systems and processes in place, and helping to expand the business. Their goal at the beginning of the year was to sell $100 million between the three of them and, at the time of this writing in late 2021, they are currently on target to hit that. Their other goal was to bring on two more agents over the next year, and they have one agent who is just finishing up her licensing and will be joining them soon.

“My highest hope in the business is to be able to give back what I’ve learned to other people so they can unlock the potential in themselves,” Eric says. “That’s what my mentor showed me, and I have a duty to give it back. I see growing this team as an opportunity to give back the knowledge I’ve learned to others and to help them change their lives.”

In addition to starting this new venture, Eric just got engaged this year to his fiancée, Genevieve. They plan to be married on December 3, 2022. Eric and Genevieve enjoy hiking with their Goldendoodle, Penny Lane, traveling, and going to their favorite winery, RDV Vineyard in Virginia.

While Eric has already achieved a lot as a new agent, he knows he has so much more ahead of him and is excited about the future. “It’s been a really fun journey and I can’t wait to see where all of this is heading,” he says with a smile.