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“The road to a friend’s house is never long.” (Danish proverb)

David Wagner is a man with many passions.

He is passionate about giving back, spending time with family and friends, caring deeply about his clients, striving to work on his personal growth, cheering for the Nats, and occasionally getting in a round of golf. And he lives a life of no regrets.

He describes a cool life as one that is, “Full of friends, family and partners who support you. A business that you can enjoy being a part of. Knowing that you can make an impact and help change someone’s life through work,” he states. “Having a business that can build wealth and a promising future for your family all while helping people you care about.”

David grew up in a home with a father who is a self-employed entrepreneur and a mother who works as an administrator in a real estate office, so real estate was always a part of their family dynamic. He decided to take a different path and initially went to law school. “I thought, this is going to be awesome. And it wasn’t. I went back to what I was trying to get away from.” So he left law school to pursue a career in real estate. “I always wanted to help and serve people, and I decided at a young age I wanted to go against the grain. Realizing the aspects of law — negotiation and contracts — could still be applied into what I do. I take what I learned from law school and apply it to my business, but do it on a more personal level that I enjoy and feel more passionate about.”

He decided to try doing what he knew and he crushed it. He loves finding what his clients are looking for before they even know what that is. He has strived to maintain a true work–life balance in being there for his wife Emily and two children, Henry (5 years old) and John (3 years old), while being a top producing agent with the Wagner Home Group of RE/MAX Realty Centre.

“Real estate is often a hard, cold, and number-driven business. I try to show empathy and compassion and care about my clients’ wants and needs versus it being purely number-driven,” he affirms. “You have to listen to them and what they are trying to accomplish. Ask questions and actually listen to what they say. WHY are they moving? WHAT are they looking for and WHY is that important to them? If you take a few extra moments to actually listen and care, it’s a very different experience.”

David runs an almost entirely referral-based business. For new agents starting out, his advice would be to figure out a niche and to take care of it yourself. He is persistent, authentic and has learned a tremendous amount along the way. Most importantly, he believes in failing forward. “The mistakes, faults, errors, wins, losses, embarrassments and joyful moments all create and shape who I am and have become. If you remove any of those actions or events, it changes the outcome or failure or victory that I’ve learned from. Every mistake creates a learning situation that may have been a loss then, but it’s a victory today,” he exclaims. “Don’t move on from it — embrace it. Failing means you put yourself out there versus holding back and wondering what could have been.”

Inspiring words from a friend to all and one of the most inspiring in the business.

David can be reached at david@wagnerhomegroup.com and you can also find him online at www.wagnerhomegroup.com.