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“I am a simple person. I try to help one person at a time, help them buy and sell, and meet them where they are with their needs around real estate.”

In David Getson’s nearly two decades in the business, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge regarding contracts, marketing, negotiating, the D.C. housing market, as well as construction. However, when pressed for his most valuable lesson, David, a REALTOR® with Compass, will readily tell you that if he has learned anything during his time in real estate, it’s that the simple things are the most important. He relies on steady communication, kindness, and a stress-free attitude to consistently deliver for his clients.

“I treat everybody like they are myself,” David remarks. “I care about what happens. I care about their happiness. Yes, I get paid well for doing what I do, but it’s really about helping people. That’s the most important part. Everyone wants to sell the expensive house, but I just try to help the person in front of me, make it smooth and easy and fun.”

Real Estate Beginnings

David launched his real estate career with Coldwell Banker in 2002. He got into the business on a whim — but immediately found a love for the work.

“I was dating somebody that decided to go to real estate class. I liked them so much I went to class with them,” David laughs. “That’s the real story.”

David quickly distinguished himself in the real estate market. He grew up in Northern Virginia (near his eventual home in D.C.), and his local knowledge, paired with a genuine intent to serve, proved to be a winning combination.

In 2005, David partnered with Mandy Mills, and in 2007, they officially branded The Mandy David Team. While David and his team have changed brokerages several times throughout the years, their commitment to their clients has been unwavering. The Mandy David Team currently has 14 producing agents on their roster.

New Eyes to See

“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” —Marcel Proust

David’s outlook can be credited, in part, to the powerful experience of traveling outside the U.S.A. He considers his first trip beyond the borders of American life to be transformative.

“I was a local kid and had never been outside the country. I never understood the way others live. I got out of the country for work, and when I did, it opened my eyes to the world,” David recalls.

That first trip to France and the United Kingdom did more than inspire a longing to travel. The trip also helped David better understand what it means to be a human being — and the wide variety of experiences people on this planet have.

“I try to meet people where they are, in whatever situation they are in,” David explains. “That has helped me have an open mind about people, what their experiences are, and it’s helped me see things through the lenses of others.”

David discovered that this ability to connect and empathize with others can be one of the most valuable tools in real estate. Often, an individual or family is buying or selling a home due to a major life event, such as marriage, divorce, birth, death, or a career change.

“Real estate is a life-driven occupation, and I enjoy that part of it,” David notes.

When asked what his vision for the future is, David declined to answer in terms of statistical goals, professional ambitions, or personal gains. Instead, he once again returned to his service-first approach.

“The future is the same as right now. It’s really about helping people… I keep saying that over and over, but it’s at the heart of it all.”