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Perhaps the story that best exemplifies Cynthia Void’s true nature comes from how, when she was a little girl, her mother gave her and her sister some candy one day. Now, Cynthia had a very strict and sheltered childhood, so candy was something very special, especially as a kid. Needless to say, when the neighborhood kids saw the loot that she and her sister had, they wanted some. While her sister withheld, Cynthia proceeded to give away each piece until she had no more.

“My mother saw what I did and gave me more candy after, so it wasn’t all lost,” Cynthia explains.

But that’s who Cynthia is — tender-hearted, giving … drawing her happiness from making others happy first. Combine that with a stellar work ethic and you have something truly special. And that’s what separates HWA Home Warranty of America from others; they have Cynthia on their team.

Much of Cynthia’s principles stem from her childhood. She always looked up to her grandfather—a community leader, fisherman, and truck driver, who taught Cynthia the importance of saving money, being fair with people, and letting your word mean something.

“He also taught me how to make the best pancakes in the world,” Cynthia adds.    

Cynthia went to a Vocational Technical High School located in Maryland, where she was recruited by The Kirby Company to sell Kirby vacuums door-to-door right out of high school. “I didn’t know anything about sales, but they took me under their wing,” Cynthia says. “That’s why I relate to real estate agents; I understand the hustle—going door-to-door, cold calling. Selling someone a $1,200 cleaning system they weren’t planning on buying when they woke up that day is not easy.”

Cynthia excelled at Kirby Company for nearly 20 years. As a salesperson, she won all the vacation prizes and took a trip each quarter. She worked her way through the ranks and became the first female African American to become a factory distributor.

Not given much support as a factory distributor, Cynthia had to hire and train each one of her employees and worked with them in the field every day. She worked seven days a week and built one of the most successful factory distributorships for the company. She worked so hard that one day, while in the field, she passed out, and woke up in the emergency room.

“My doctor was not happy with me,” says Cynthia. “He basically told me I needed to make a lifestyle change.”

Luckily for Cynthia, her reputation preceded her and she was offered a job at Yellow Pages by Yvonne Lee, a Yellow Pages manager at the time (but a top-producing REALTOR® today). You see, Cynthia had sold a cleaning system to one of Yvonne’s friends one day — a person who “doesn’t buy anything,” according to Cynthia. The friend was so impressed by Cynthia’s sales ability that she called Yvonne and said she needed to hire her.

Cynthia continued to impress Yvonne at Yellow Pages and they became friends. So, when Yvonne left the company to work at Zillow, thus starting her career in real estate, she referred Cynthia to HWA Home Warranty of America, after meeting with a representative for the company.

Cynthia started with HWA in 2015. Her team has since become one of the top teams on the East Coast. Since Cynthia’s territory includes Maryland and D.C., her Regional Sales Manager gave her the name, “Triple M,” which means, “Money Making Maryland.”

Outside of work, Cynthia enjoys cooking, painting, coming up with gift ideas, and spending time with family, friends, and her husband, Harry Void, who owns and operates his own cleaning company, QMAX Cleaning, LLC.


To get Cynthia on your team when it comes to home warranties, give her a call at 443-817-3147, email cynthia.jones@hwahomewarranty.com, or check out www.hwahomewarranty.com for more information.