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What do you get when you combine the impactful and prolific visions of two real estate power couples? A powerhouse real estate team, of course!

MG Residential now brings together the juggernauts of the Menkiti Group and the Mason Team. Anchored by Bo and Kymber Menkiti and Anthony and Lashika Mason, this group joined forces to take their respective games to the next level.

To be clear, we go beyond the numbers when defining power couple and assert that they possess a strong desire to revitalize and enhance the communities they live in and love. They are also resolute in empowering those they work and play with, all the while relentless in broadening their reach.

Kymber + Bo
The formation of the Menkiti team began in the summer of 2002. Bo and Kymber met while working for a DC-based nonprofit called the College Summit. Bo, a Harvard graduate, would eventually become the COO of that nonprofit. Throughout that summer, their relationship flourished, so when Kymber went to Philadelphia for graduate school, they decided to make the long-distance relationship work. Clearly, it wasn’t too much trouble, as they were married in 2006.

Bo was first to get his real estate license in 2004, after taking a sabbatical from the College Summit. He went on to become Rookie Of The Year as a part-time agent and then leveraged his first house to create the equity to launch The Menkiti Group. Kymber joined Bo in 2007, a few months after the launch of Keller Williams (KW) Capital Properties. This award-winning team has sold over $1 billion in real estate and now operates seven KW offices in DC, Maryland and Virginia, with over 1,000 real estate agents and partners.

The couple deems themselves social entrepreneurs, driven by their passion to do work that is meaningful day in and day out, while running a profitable, sustainable business. This led them, early on, to expand beyond the residential platform, harnessing commercial, development, asset management, and a brokerage to create a fully integrated firm.

Their mission to do good runs deep, and they are profoundly motivated “to create opportunities for those around us while also continuing to widen the path for those that will come behind us,” Kymber indicated. In fact, they are expanding their neighborhood investment model to Massachusetts and Maryland. Kymber continued, “With an industry that is rapidly changing, seeing the impact that we can have on communities, which drive economic development and wealth determiners for those engaged, keeps us moving forward.”

So how do they do it, as a couple, that is? For starters, Kymber noted that one of their keys to successfully working together is having separate offices. In addition, they understand the unique dynamic each offers. “This led us to leverage our different skills to grow the business and allowed us to focus and drive different parts of the business, which fueled our success.”

What else fuels this dynamic duo? Of course, their four boys: 10-year-old Braxton, 8-year-old Carter, 6-year-old Clayton, and 3-month-old Kameron. This active family spends a lot of time at the hockey rink on the weekends, where two of the boys play. Bo also manages to get some ice in as well and plays in an adult league. Meanwhile, Kymber enjoys squeezing in time for a quick spin class.

Lashika + Anthony
The Mason team got its unofficial start in the summer of 1999 when they first met at an amusement park. Anthony is two years older than Lashika and attended the same school as her sister. Lashika’s sister wasted no time calling it and told Anthony, “When my sister comes to this high school you are going to date her.” Lashika and Anthony took it to the next level; they have been together for 20 years and counting, and were married in 2005.

“It’s such a blessing to be able to marry your best friend,” Lashika swooned. Now they have two daughters, 9-year-old Chloé and 4-year-old Kylié. Both girls love to sing and dance, while Chloé is a cheerleader and aspiring kid DJ, and Kylié plays soccer. The girls are an integral part of the Mason family business and will occasionally go on appointments, showings or even to sales meetings.

Prior to real estate, Anthony served in the Air Force and then worked at the Department of Defense. Lashika graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and became a budget analyst for the federal government. In 2010, they purchased their first home and welcomed Chloé, but quickly realized they’d need to supplement their income for things like savings and travel. Enter real estate.

Anthony began in 2013 (part-time until 2015) and was KW’s MD/DC Region Rookie of the Year in 2014. Lashika started in 2014 (going full-time in 2016). They’ve been going hard since, with over $105 million in sales so far. They are setting their sights even higher for 2020 and looking to become investors and developers. They also created a class and wrote a book titled, Can Spouses Team Up in Real Estate? We Did and Here’s How.

Since they wrote a book on it, they offered up some advice on making it work as a couple. “I think the reason why this works is because we actually enjoy each other’s company and we respect each other’s roles within the business,” Lashika remarked. Another thing that helps them on the business side: “We don’t count the dollar, meaning, no matter the price point of the real estate transaction, we treat all transactions with the same quality customer service, care and attention to detail.”

It Started with Steaks on the Grill
In the summer of 2017, Lashika reached out to Kymber. She wanted to get some advice on building a team, so they set up a couples’ dinner date that ended up at the Menkiti home. Bo did some grilling, Lashika recalled. “We had food and wine and the older kids played. Bo talked about the business and how to build a team and what that would look like. At that time, I didn’t imagine that we’d be partnering together.”

Yet here they are! For six months now, MG Residential has been combining their team cultures to become one solid unit that can benefit both. Kymber asserts, “It also allows us to expand our hyper-local model across neighborhoods in DC, Maryland and VA.” Anthony sums it up for the Mason’s, saying, “Aligning with the Menkiti group allows us to accomplish the goals we had when we established the Mason Team: wealth building, positive outlook, relentless pursuit of results, ethics in service, constant learning and bridge-building.”

Ultimately the true beneficiaries of this alliance will be the communities and clients they serve, and Kymber says it best: “This collaboration will bring an even higher level of service and resources to our clients.”