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“It’s a good story,” Stacy Allwein begins. “It started as a sad story but turned out to be a wonderful story.”

In 2006, Stacy was two decades into a very successful career in human resources. She had been a director in the biotech industry for many years. And then, suddenly, tragedy struck. “My brother passed away from a drug overdose,” Stacy recalls. “It was the second brother I’ve lost tragically.”

After her brother passed away, Stacy was left questioning much in her own life. She recognized that she needed to shake things up. “I dreaded going to work every day. The only thing I could think of to get some relief was to give up my job. I needed a change. Something in my life had to change,” Stacy says. “I had a great job, and it was a huge leap of faith. My income was really important. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but real estate was something I was thinking about.”

 Stacy’s husband, Bob, had started investing in real estate about five years earlier. Stacy thought that she would give real estate sales a try; so, in 2008, she enrolled in classes, and with her typical positive attitude in hand, set off to build a business.

“This was in 2008, though,” Stacy quips. “That gives you an idea. That’s when things crashed. I remember taking my class and somebody substituting for the teacher saying there is going to be a real estate crash.” Getting started in 2008 was no small feat. Yet, in hindsight, she looks at the timing as a blessing.

“I learned that you couldn’t just put a sign in the yard to sell houses. I learned you have to learn how to do short sales, you have to learn foreclosures, and you have to learn how to build relationships with people. It was a struggle. It was hard. But I think it made me who I am today as a real estate agent, somebody that can help my clients. I can help someone through any situation and sell real estate through any climate.”

Into the Present: A Family Affair

Over a decade later, Stacy is running a high-powered real estate business. She’s allowed her business to support meaningful efforts in the community too. Stacy was awarded the Frederick County Association of REALTORS® 2018 Community Service Award and the Frederick County “Do-Gooder” award for all that she does to give back. She’s very actively involved in the community and with volunteerism, giving back to many charitable organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association and Toys for Tots, and is also an avid supporter of the opioid recovery community.

“I have the ultimate compassion for people that are suffering from addiction. Not only those that are suffering from addiction, but something that really drives me is adults who have lost siblings. If you are a sibling who loses a sibling, there isn’t a lot of support for those people. My way of keeping [my brother’s] memory alive is to help other people.”

In real estate, Stacy and her team continue to find success, year after year. Her son, Michael (25), is now her top agent.

“2020 was a fabulous year, as far as real estate goes, and I’m a really positive person, so I try to look at the positive sides of things and the silver linings and all the things that happened this year that were really good,” Stacy says. In 2020, Stacy and her team closed 125 homes for $38.8 million in volume. All of Stacy’s business is referral-based, a testament to her community engagement and customer care.

“I am very fortunate that my team consists of some awesome people,” Stacy beams. “Some of them are family and some just like family.”

As she looks ahead to what 2021 might bring, Stacy hopes that local housing inventory increases alongside continued industry growth. She aspires to continue to do her work with the same integrity-based approach that she has since the beginning. “I’m about always doing the right thing. I think it’s so important in our industry to make sure, as real estate agents, we are always going to do the right thing. And I’m that person.”