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There’s a special kind of gene required for members of Team Nurit, from RE/MAX Elite Services. According to Nurit Coombe, that gene is all about “Having heart: a big sparkling, amazing red heart!”

Of course, team members need the smarts, commitment and drive, but above all else, the heart is where it’s at. “When you surround yourself with an amazing team that believes in you and vice-versa … and they believe they have extra cause for the job that they are doing — it’s not just a job — you can do so much more. Everybody feels like they are on a mission.”

Clearly, it’s working, as they’ve just had their best year yet with over 500 homes sold and $220 million in sales. This team of 21, led by Nurit, has a rigorous interviewing and selection process but, “Once you are hired, you are not just hired, I adopt you! I really do. When it comes to my team, I will do anything and everything for them and they will do anything and everything for each other. We are a family!”

To be clear, it’s not all hearts and roses. Nurit is in touch with who she is and her high expectations. Her imagination never stops. “I’m crazy demanding! I have tons of stuff I’m doing at any one time and get so many ideas, all day long. I have so many projects for [the team], and they roll their eyes, but they do it.”

Beyond Tech Savvy
Nurit is at the forefront of innovation and outsources technology globally. From the custom video brochures to the unique “Alexa Open House” experience to smart technologies for homes, their high-tech marketing has proven extremely successful. Nurit said she believes that it doesn’t matter what the price range of the home they are listing is, “Our job is to think like a public relations firm for each and every home we sell.” Each home receives a customized marketing plan offering social media campaigns, high end brochures, state-of-the art videos, national TV exposure, and global marketing efforts, among other services. They even host interactive demonstrations, such as wine tastings or dessert presentations, instead of doing a standard open house. Her ingenious visions spare no expense.

Born in Israel, Nurit was a former soldier in the Israeli Army and attributes this time to making her strong and independent. She’s gregarious, owning her big personality, and has always had an affinity for technology. An out-of-the-box-type thinker, she says, “I was taught to look at a picture from a thousand feet away, then go closer and break it down into pieces and then rebuild it, while always keeping your eye on the big picture.”

She also worked at a technology company known as RAFAEL, which produces weapons and military defense technology for export abroad. As the Director of Business Development, she came to the U.S. representing Israel. At a very young age, this taught her how to work decisively.

This put her in a unique position. One day, she received a phone call from Tom Clancy’s team. Clancy, the Baltimore novelist known for his technical tales of military espionage, needed some information for a novel he was working on titled, Fighter Wing. She was a consultant for that book and he acknowledged her in the introduction. “That was so cool. They were very sweet and smart people and did great due diligence and research for him. It was fun,” she recalled.

While Nurit was working for the government, she began going to school at nights and on weekends, eventually earning her master’s degree in international business at the University of Maryland. This is where she met her husband, Dave. When the couple married, Nurit decided to change career paths. It was not an easy decision.

“I cried for two months because I didn’t know what to do. It was such turmoil, as my life was in the defense industry.” But then she found real estate and, fortunately for her, she was an immediate success. In her first year, she was named Rookie of the Year for the Maryland/Washington, D.C., metro area by the Greater Capital Association of REALTORS®. With over eighteen years’ experience, the accolades keep rolling in.

Outside the Office
Nurit’s generosity and compassion keep her active in the local community. She serves on different boards and is passionate about the Israel American Council and an organization called Larger Than Life, which helps families who have a child with cancer. The Adel Fund is another local organization she supports, which helps families in financial need. Giving back is imperative for her.

Nurit has been in the U.S. for thirty years now. She and Dave have three children: 16-year-old Carmel, 15-year-old Lielle, and eight-year-old Ari. The two oldest are following in their mother’s footsteps and volunteer in the community. Nurit calls her youngest Boo-boo and said, “He is my little one and I’m trying to keep him little for as long as I possibly can.” The family has a dog named Donna, as well.

Nurit credits Dave for being the anchor in the house and her world. “I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without him! He supports this house and our kids. He takes care of our investment properties and does the financials. He does it all! He is my cheerleader and he supports me.”

The Coombe Clan is in love with the beach, so all vacations are beach vacations and involve things like swimming and snorkeling. Their favorite place is Tel Aviv Beach, followed by Eilat, which is on the Red Sea. Beach time is where Nurit recharges and connects with her family. This reset keeps her creative juices flowing and the positivity always on tap.