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People, Passion, Power. Not only do these three words sum up the focus of the principal of the Jason Martin Group, but they are also the title of his YouTube Channel. As a former sports anchor, Jason is utilizing his interviewing skills, mixing it up, and having some fun with other high achievers. On this platform, it’s evident that sharing other people’s stories ignites him. In showcasing others’ success, he’s raising not only his game, but everyone else’s as well.

For Jason, it’s all about personal growth. “My guess is that all of our biggest challenges face us in the mirror every day. When we focus on self-improvement, everyone around us will reap the benefits. Once I finally grasped this concept, the world opened up,” he says thoughtfully.

One of his favorite quotes exemplifies this: every next level of your life will demand a different you. This begs the question: are you ready for the next level? Before Jason asks that of anyone else, he asks himself first. When it came to technology and social media, Jason was not afraid to say he was not ready. “That fear I had was genuine, so I made it my mission to understand it. You always have to be learning in that space.”

Rather than hire a coach or take a workshop, he took the lead of business partner, John Coleman, and decided to explore this topic. As a lover of all things video, he started a series called People Passion Power in October 2019. As his proficiency grew, so too did his ambition, and that’s when this channel started to take shape.

Attracting Purposeful People
On the show, he’s had some local celebrities, like Larry Michael, the official voice of the Redskins; or the legendary sports broadcaster, Al Koken, who covers the Capitals; or Thomas Wells, the D.C. Director of the Department of Energy and Environment. In addition, he brings in other high-caliber talent, like authors, singers, CEOs and yoga instructors, who are chasing their dreams and living a life of purpose.

Jason is attracted to those who are driven and motivated and has turned his passion for helping people into a quest. With 14 agents on his team, the Jason Martin Group, thriving, he works at meeting each individual where they are, personally. His approach is not results-oriented; rather, he focuses on the person. “I look at what is holding a person back. It’s not about what type of lead-gen can I do — it’s more about the person and moving them forward, personally, which we know leads them to professional growth.”

This 42-year-old cares deeply and it shows. He is humbled looking back on his career, and acknowledges helping some of the top agents in the industry grow. “It is very exciting for me to say I have been a part of helping shape their lives and careers. When you realize what you are passionate about and can pursue that, it no longer feels like work.”

Rookie of the Year
Jason grew up in Calvert County, Maryland. He went to college at the University of South Carolina, where he met his wife, Jennifer. After college, he worked for a local TV station in Augusta, Georgia, as a sports reporter, and then moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, where he became a sports director for the local Fox affiliate. This job taught him a lot of things, mainly the art of conversation. “This prepared me, in the sense you had to learn how to talk with people. You had to learn how to ask questions. And there’s a ton of that as real estate agents.” Another added bonus, he says, was learning how to be an active listener, which is a key factor in helping develop and lead people.

However, in 2003, Jason wanted more. He didn’t want that desk job or to continue muzzling his aspirations. He loved the notion that in the real estate game you can define what success looks like. He decided to test the waters, noting, “If you choose to take the path of real estate, it will teach you the skills you need in business and life. Those who succeed at high levels take full advantage of this. It’s a learn-as-you-go business that you will never fully master, but that is also part of the fun.”

Clearly, this path has been a good one for him. He was Rookie of the Year for Coldwell Banker when he began. Last year, he sold $69 million in volume, with a career volume estimated at over $314 million. Numbers are the antithesis of his obsession, though; it’s the people progress he is after.

Faith and family are the bedrock of Jason’s world. “It’s really important to me that people understand that my family is my top priority. Outside of my family, it’s really about faith. Family, faith, and then business. My life is pretty simple.” He and Jennifer have three children: Connor, Izzy, and Riley. Connor and Izzy are 13 years old and Riley is 9 years old. They also have a furry family member in their dog, Scooby.

In his spare time, Jason loves music of any and all kinds, depending on his mood. From the Avett Brothers to Mumford and Sons and Lionel Ritchie, he digs it all. He is learning how to play the piano and enjoys playing basketball a couple times a week as well. He has also written his first book, to be released this fall, where he dives into and attempts to answer a very basic question for the reader: are you happy? While he said he has always felt joyful, he was also stuck in a vortex of sorts and the book has helped him focus on what’s most important: happiness.