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Eric Stewart cordially invites all agents to grow personally and professionally and become REAL Producers. One of his wishes for 2020 is to help more agents from all companies. “I am sincerely happy to train from my failures and successes; my door is always open.” In fact, Eric insists on that open-door policy with his team and has worked hard to foster that organizational mindset.

“I used to be protective of my methods, but some years ago, I realized that we all apply teaching differently and that there are plenty of sellers, like fish in the sea. We can all benefit from each other’s fishing styles, and I had much to give to help others become better salespeople,” he reflected.

The principal of the Eric Stewart Group of Long & Foster is introspective and reveals his big “why,” which stems from his Christian faith. He said he wants to “be a light on a hill” for others and strives to do that in all areas of his life. One way is through the nonprofit Widow Care (Widowcare.org) that he created in 2013, which now serves over 200 widowed individuals in the DMV annually through monthly support and social gatherings. Another is through his devotion to his wife and each of his five children and their unique talents.

Stepping Out, Stepping Up
More recently, Eric became active in Celebrate Recovery (CR), a 12-step program that has helped him face the truth about his human weaknesses and, through the Beatitudes, discovered a real way to change and then encouraged others in their lives, as well. Where most 12-step programs are focused on addiction issues only, CR is for every issue in life you can imagine. “I realized over the past couple of years that I avoid pain in relationships, and this has kept me from deep friendships. CR has given me the tools to face this tendency head-on and make substantial change where I couldn’t do so on my own.”

Eric makes it crystal clear he’s not perfect, saying that we all stand on the same ground and each of us has tendencies in our lives that trip us up. He continues, “Due to denial and self will, we often never change. But God wants us to trust him to give us the power to change where we can’t on our own and to commit our will to Him and follow His ways. That is where I find success in changing in my life.”

Born to Sell with Integrity
Growing up in Potomac, Eric began selling pizza kits to his neighbors from fourth through seventh grade. “I would make a quarter per kit, initially. I also sold Bubble Yum, light bulbs, candles, and even silver jewelry for a short time, door to door. Later, after finishing up my acting degree, I decided I didn’t want to do that for a living.” His grandfather, also his pastor, along with a good friend, pointed out the obvious: “I was born to sell! So, I made the leap into real estate in 1987, right out of college.”

Early in his career, Eric decided that maintaining his integrity was important. “The greatest worry that anybody has when they’re hiring you is, can they trust you? Are you going to be more interested in the sale for what you put in their pocket or yours?” Eric is well-respected for taking his fiduciary duty for each client with the utmost of sincerity.

Eric studied acting at Theater SMU, in Dallas, and at the University of Maryland and has treated real estate like an actor treating a part: rehearsing lines, refining the language, and preparing answers to potential questions. He diligently practiced Tom Hopkins, Brian Bufini, and Floyd Wickman. Each time he stumbled in his presentation or missed a listing or buyer agreement, he would reflect and grow from there.

Growing is what they’ve done, for sure. The Eric Stewart Group currently has eight agents and closed 163 sales last year. The agents on his team work hard and are held accountable to the standards Eric espouses. They also have fun as a family at work and hang out together with regular outings. Eric’s group is among the elite, with a career volume of over $1 billion, and is in the top 500 agents annually nationwide. Eric desires to draw attention to the message of his life rather than to himself. His awards, including humanitarian, continue to stack up, and we at REAL Producers certainly hope that continues, so he can draw more attention to the great causes he supports.

A Legacy of Giving
Eric has created the senior solutions team within his group, which is a core of qualified seniors real estate specialists® (SRES®) that helps seniors downsize while offering free seminars and workshops to guide them through this challenging time. In addition, he has hosted a weekly, real-estate-focused talk show on 105.9 FM WMAL for 15 years, The Eric Stewart Show, which has two sections: Pointing You Home, which is about general real estate at 8 a.m., followed by Senior Solutions at 8:15 a.m., discussing options for seniors relocating, aging in place or downsizing.

A family man to his core, one of Eric’s greatest gifts has been the family and life that he and his wife, Jeannette, have created. “I have an amazing family! I have a wife who I respect immensely, who is patient and thoughtful and very considerate of other people.”

Eric beams when he speaks of the dreams and skills of his five children. Their oldest, Andrew, is exceptionally disciplined and works full-time and is highly regarded in his field. Dillon is next in line and is working in Los Angeles as an actor. He’s done a couple of short films and recently wrapped up a television commercial for Coldwell Banker. Shelby is a graphic artist and writer, currently working on the final edits of her first science fiction novel. She does commission work through a site called Patreon, under the name “Lumenations.” Then, there is M.K., who is a freshman in college, playing women’s ice hockey as a gifted winger. She is training to be a medical sports trainer. The youngest, Juliette, is a junior in high school and is an accomplished figure skater on a synchronized skating team.

As his children achieve their dreams, Eric continues expanding his own. His testament to success is continuously evolving. Where it used to be about doing a ton of business and providing a comfortable life for his family, these days it has developed into much more. Now, it’s his purpose, and he’s on a mission: “I seek to take whatever God’s given me and make it about other people and not about myself.”

His door is always open.