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“Our goal is to help our customers win more business. So what does that mean? Win more listings? Great. Get more agents on your team? Great. We can help you do any of those things through the use of professional content and video.”

Vice President Bobby Cockerille’s words explain one of HD Bros’ core values: to help their clients and partners win more business. Since the company was founded over a decade ago, HD Bros has made a name for being more than “just a photographer.” They are focused on helping their clients improve and providing services that go far beyond the norm.

“We grow with folks. We’re not a huge corporation, and we don’t have long-term contracts. So when people use us, they choose us every single time they hire us. We have to give a high-level service and a top-quality product every time,” Bobby says.

More than Photography

Since its inception, HD Bros has focused on real estate. That means they are not only well-prepared to handle listing photos and video, but they also have a multitude of additional services they provide within the industry.

“We do way more than your standard photographer,” Bobby explains. “You can get all you need to market your listing in one place.”

HD Bros guarantees next-day deliverables and has a 95-percent success rate in returning edits within four hours. Their streamlined system frees up more time for agents and allows them to hone in on how they market their listings.

“We are promoting the idea of winning more business by using this content. When you go to the next listing appointment and show our work, and all you’ve done to successfully market your other properties, you’re going to be in a better place to get that listing,” Bobby explains.

Bobby is careful to note that HD Bros won’t be the cheapest option out there, and he’s okay with that. Because when there is bad weather, HD Bros will reschedule the shoot quicker. When the homeowner doesn’t move their junk out of the way, they’ll edit the photos faster. They are equipped to deliver in the often-tight circumstances of a real estate transaction.

Above all else, the HD Bros team leads with integrity.

“If we didn’t quite get the job done, if we deliver a less-than-perfect experience, part of the HD Bros guarantee is that if, at any point, we are not achieving the goal, we’ll refund you, credit the next shoot, or whatever it takes to make it right. When a team member asks, ‘Hey Bobby, what do we do here?’ I say, ‘Do the right thing.’”

The D.C. Metro Experts

HD Bros has made a name for themselves in the D.C. and Northern Virginia markets. Justin Kime manages the Northern Virginia team, while Carlo Russo manages the D.C./Maryland group. Throughout the D.C. metro area, HD Bros has around 20 photographers.

“Diversity is one of our strongest characteristics, with team members coming from all walks of life. We work hard to get you the content your brand needs to win more listings,” Partnership Director John Schwartz explains.

John believes that the D.C. metro area is a unique market, different from any other in the country. With continual political turnover, the real estate market takes on a more transient feel.

“It gets shaken up every four to eight years and continues to boom,” John continues. “We expect prices to continue to rise and the expansion of the suburbs westward to keep on growing.”

The D.C. metro and Northern Virginia HD Bros team brings a unique approach to the real estate content market. They blend the customer service of a small business you can trust with the systems of a large corporation.  

“The media, scheduling, and partnership teams are with you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the top-quality content for your brand,” John says.

As John and Bobby look ahead, they see continued growth — for HD Bros, their REALTOR® partners, and the greater D.C. area.

“We want to grow together. Whether it’s a solo agent, their first day on the job, or an agent with a team doing a thousand listings in a year, we want to be there to mastermind and grow with you. We want to know what you’re looking forward to next year and how we can help you achieve that goal.”