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Fresh Home Cleaning is more than just a cleaning business for Alejandra Zelaya — it is an opportunity to change lives, from her parents’ to the people on their teams’ to their customers’.

“We have been cleaning as a family for years, and now I believe it is our time to share our knowledge with our community — to provide job opportunities to women, while sharing all the cleaning knowledge we have as a family. Because yes, my friends, there are tools, products and strategies that make cleaning much more efficient,” Alejandra explains.

“A clean home adds value to people’s lives and brings so many health benefits,” she continues. “It lowers stress in homes and helps with boosting moods and productivity. The place we live in should be a platform that helps us achieve our goals, not an anchor that pulls us down. Our motto is ‘Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.’”

The roots of Fresh Home Cleaning can be traced back to 2001, when Alejandra’s mother arrived in the United States from El Salvador with Alejandra, her brother, and just one suitcase. Although her mother was a professional in El Salvador, her experience didn’t mean much to many U.S. companies. So she started cleaning homes.  

“She worked so hard for over two decades — no vacation, no time off. She couldn’t afford to rest,” Alejandra explains. “My dad later joined us. I have seen my parents break their backs for years to give my brother and me a better tomorrow.”

Alejandra started helping her mom clean and give estimates (due to her parents’ language barrier) at 12 years old, working spring breaks, summer breaks, and winter breaks. Both she and her brother were able to go to college due to her parents’ hard work, and graduated from University of Maryland.

Alejandra obtained her degree in business administration and always wondered if she could take the small clientele her parents built and grow it into a larger business. When she got laid off from her corporate job in 2019, she took it as a sign from God to pursue what was in her heart.

2020 was Alejandra’s first year in business as a full entrepreneur, which she says was … interesting. “We lost 90 percent of our clients due to the pandemic. We almost just closed the business and dropped the idea. But my why was bigger than my obstacles. I couldn’t afford to stop, so we kept pushing in faith,” she says. “Also, my mom’s body took a toll from overworking herself. Therefore, my reason was her well-being. To work enough to be able to afford hiring help and have her finally retire. I owe everything I have and am to my strong parents,” she continues.

With Alejandra at the helm, Fresh Home Cleaning made it through the shutdown. As the owner and leader, Alejandra says “details” and “sweating the small stuff” are in her DNA. “Our cleaning services make the biggest impact by being detail-oriented. It’s the small details that compound to making a home look extra sparkly at the end of each service!” she says.

Alejandra emphasizes that when you hire Fresh Home Cleaning, you hire her. “I am involved in jobs from the start to the end,” she says. “Excellence in what we do matters to me, and it matters to my team. When you hire one cleaning team, you hire the entire Fresh Home Cleaning staff. We work as a unit, and our goal is to always over-deliver.”

Alejandra has a deep passion and vision for her business. She is aiming to truly make a difference as a company, which includes making a difference in the lives of her team members. “For the two decades my mom worked for other cleaning companies, I saw how undervalued and underpaid she was. She wasn’t treated with respect and wasn’t provided with much support.”

My goal is, as we grow, to be able to provide free English courses, financial courses, and workout classes for free. I want this company to change lives, to be a stepping stool for achieving goals. It is the biggest impact we could ever make.”

To be a part of Alejandra’s mission and to get the Fresh Home Cleaning team for your next listing or residential cleaning, visit www.fresh-homecleaning.com.


We are a cleaning company that specializes in residential cleaning. We provide deep cleanings as well as recurring cleaning maintenance services. We can do everything from one-time deep cleanings to move-in/move-out cleanings to post-construction cleanings and recurring cleaning services. We also work very closely with REALTORS®, serving them and their clients to help them get their homes ready for the market.