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Throughout her life, Ellie Hitt, of RE/MAX Realty Group, has faced challenge after challenge. If there’s one thing she’s proven, it’s her unbreakable resilience.

“I have a heart of gold and live passionately. I don’t do anything halfway,” Ellie proclaims.

Overcoming Adversity
Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ellie moved to the United States at 10 years old. She didn’t speak English and was tasked with fitting into a culture that was far different than the one she was raised in.

In addition, at 14 years old, Ellie was involved in a near-fatal car accident. “I had a really bad car accident. I had a traumatic brain injury,” Ellie recalls. “And I was told I wasn’t going to graduate high school on time.”

Ellie was out of school for almost nine months. She spent her time relearning how to do the most basic of tasks, like tying her shoes. “I was starting from scratch,” she says. Yet, Ellie once again showcased her ability to overcome extreme adversity.

“I stood up in this big conference room for an IEP (individualized education plan) meeting, and my high school vice principal was there. I stood up when they told me I wasn’t going to graduate on time and told them, ‘You don’t know me. You can’t tell me that I can’t do something.’ And I proved it. I graduated on time with a 3.8.”

In real estate, Ellie has displayed the same adeptness at overcoming obstacles that she has demonstrated throughout her life. “My first year in the business, my manager told my mentor, ‘I don’t see Ellie in the office too much; I don’t think she’s going to make it.’ I was Rookie of the Year for the whole company that year.”

“That’s how I’ve always been. I can prove myself. Nothing is going to keep me down. I’m going to get right back up.”

The Heart of a Survivor
It’s been 17 years since Ellie was awarded Rookie of the Year, and since then, she’s built a powerhouse of a real estate business. She’s also become a mother, perhaps her most fulfilling role in life. Ellie’s son James is now 11 years old.

“Becoming a mother gave me purpose and perspective and showed me what unconditional love is,” Ellie says. “Becoming a mother was the biggest turning point in my life and multiplied my level of purpose and gratitude.”

Ellie loves to travel, cook, try science experiments, and build forts in the living room with James. She says her life is full with raising her son as a single mom, balancing that with her work, volunteering with domestic violence charities, and ballroom dancing whenever she gets a chance.

“What have I liked best about life?” Ellie asks. “The opportunities that I have been blessed with: moving to the U.S. as a young child, becoming a citizen and a contributing member of society, becoming a mother, and becoming a real estate agent.”

With a successful and growing real estate business, Ellie no longer has to prove herself. She emphasizes that what drives her now is her passion for the things that really matter — her son James and her clients. “The biggest win-win is being a mom and having a successful career where I can help families fulfill the American dream of homeownership.”

Ellie keeps her challenges — and the moments that she overcame those challenges — close to her heart. Moving to the country and learning a new language, surviving a near-fatal car accident and the ensuing traumatic brain injury…in each of these events, there have been challenges to surmount and lessons to learn. Through it all, Ellie continues to grow, mature, and walk with fearlessness. Whether it’s for her clients in real estate, for her family at home, or for those less fortunate in her community, Ellie continually fights for what’s right.

“I vividly remember all of the fears I have faced head-on,” she says. “I feel that everything happens for a reason, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without my life experiences. [I’ve learned that] everything is going to be okay, the sky’s the limit, and I am enough.”