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“No one is better than me. I am better than no one.” —Carlos Santana

Growing up in Rockville, Marc Dosik, of Century 21 Redwood Realty, learned humility early and often.

“My father was always a fair man and was a great example to me,” Marc remembers. “[He] steadily took care of his family, didn’t revere a lot of material things, and always [encouraged me to] do it on my own. ‘You can do it.’ He also just didn’t speak poorly of people. He just wasn’t that way. He was a great example.”

Marc has carried his father’s humble, optimistic, and empowering philosophy into his life as an adult and a professional.

The Road to Real Estate

“I never wanted to be an agent,” Marc smiles.

Before getting into real estate, Marc was a business broker and restaurateur — a role that he continues to explore alongside his real estate career.

Marc’s first restaurant was Café Gelato in Bethesda. After early success, the café fell on hard times.

“I think the most memorable time was having a business that almost bankrupted me and leaning on help from others to get through,” Marc explains. “When I had Café Gelato, I had come from a very successful young career to having a very tough time making it through. I had family members and friends that saw me through. You know what they say about what doesn’t kill you…”

After getting through hard times, Marc returned to success as a business broker, began his real estate career in 2005, and currently owns three restaurants in the D.C. area.

“We got through it,” Marc says.

One lesson that continues to stick with Marc in his real estate career is the profound impact of relationships. After getting started in real estate in 2005, Marc applied this lesson to his business and discovered it to be a successful strategy.

“When my customer wins, I win,” Marc says. “It’s easy to talk and tell customers you give great service, but will you go the extra mile when you can do something more positive for your client? Or will you just let the deal happen? For example, do you meet with all your appraisers so that you have a relationship when value goes astray? Are you an advocate when the lender tells you your client can’t use all their seller subsidy when there may be a way? Do you accept your client’s opinion and roll with it without giving yours when you know you can do better than what they expect?”

“[Success is] when I am positively impacting all the relationships I have, period.”

Transforming Anxiety into Fulfillment

In his earlier days, Marc struggled with anxiety. It took him many years to fully admit the impact his anxiety had on his life.

“I think that once I was convinced to conquer my daily anxiety, I turned a long corner. I had more confidence and moved forward faster in my life with the things I wanted to be a part of,” Marc says.

Marc has transformed his challenges into a positive impact on his own life and others’ lives. One of Marc’s primary life goals is to help other men with mental health.

“I think the majority of homeless and unemployed [people] have mental health issues, and most men won’t seek help or don’t know how to,” Marc says. “This is a problem for women but even more of an issue for men.”

“It’s just too bad I waited until I was in my late 40s to deal with [my mental health challenges]. This is what is inspiring me to help other men take a look at themselves.”

Marc’s desire to help others extends to all parts of his life. In real estate, he is passionate about helping other agents build their businesses. He currently has a team of 13 agents.

“I am really jazzed when they see success,” Marc says. “I think almost anyone who wants to be successful in this business can be. They just need a teacher, and they need help bringing clients to them.”

Lightening the Load

Marc has been married to his wife, Jill, for over 25 years, and the couple’s two children, Jack and Sydney, are out of the house. After overcoming such deep challenges in his personal and business life, Marc has discovered contentment.

“I’m about having fun,” he smiles. “We only live once. Let’s have a good time! Family and friends…just all the relationships I have. I feel like I could call 15 different people if I ever needed anything and they would all come running. It’s been great being married and going through life together with someone I love. We are proudest of our children’s outlook on life and successes. It’s been fun being an entrepreneur and creating businesses, and the best part is my impact on others who are a part of it.”

As an entrepreneur, Marc enjoys creating and taking chances. He thrives on helping others achieve their dreams. In real estate and his personal life, he’s determined to help others flourish.

“I think we all need to figure out what is stopping us from our dreams.”