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Kim Rice, a REALTOR® with TTR Sotheby’s International Realty, always understood that she had to create her own success, to go out and get what she wanted, to figure it out herself. She had no other options — it was a survival mechanism that kicked in around the age of 10.

“My mother started going to prison when I was around 10 years old, so I had to make it for me and my kid brother,” Kim explains. “I was forced into growing up very early. I didn’t have an option. Survival was a must.”

Kim more than survived. She earned a degree in business finance from the University of Maryland, studied international tourism at George Washington University, became a strategic planner and financial analyst, and owner of a fashion company, which she has continued to run now for the past 20 years.

Those are just a few things Kim pursued before entering real estate. She was an event promoter at one point, and was very involved in the arts and music world, hosting shows and private parties. The large pool of contacts and relationships she built over the years was a definite boon to her real estate business.  

A tenacious entrepreneur and people person determined to take advantage of every experience that comes her way, real estate was an unavoidable pursuit for Kim. After moving on to provide advisory consulting services to real estate investors and developers, she decided to obtain her real estate license in 2013.  

However, entering real estate wasn’t strictly a business move for Kim; like many of her decisions, it was a personal necessity. Kim spent many years in and out of hospitals, diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. She got to the point where she was unable to support herself and her two kids. And she hated many of the jobs she found herself in. “I was in a different place, but always determined to get out and find a way. I was weak, but found strength. I was tired of being tired, and that was my fuel,” she says.

In addition to building a successful real estate business, earning a reputation for resourcefulness, creativity, and swift negotiations, Kim also overcame her Crohn’s Disease. After taking an alternative/holistic approach to her health, she was able to get off of nearly 20 pills a day, and enter a state of remission.

Committed to comprehensive customer service, providing a smooth and exciting experience for her clients, Kim leaves a lasting impression on the people she meets. She has built a significant business on referrals and repeat clientele.

Additionally, she has become an exclusive consultant on several new-construction luxury projects and has worked with developers from concept to completion. She is currently passionate about an upcoming project called The Adagio, a new 31-unit luxury condo. Her proudest moment in real estate was selling 839 Kennedy Street NEW DC, a building she spent years determined to sell, turn around, and assist with helping many of the tenants.

In her free time, Kim loves spending time with her two kids, Rahmeer (15) and Adeigh (22). She is also very close to her sister, Teresa, and niece, Melodie, whom she calls and talks to every morning (for fun, and in the spirit of TMZ, the three have a family morning talk called “TMK”). Kim loves to cook, dance, read, meditate, travel and experience different cultures. She is looking into starting a podcast in the near future. She also serves on the GCAAR Community Service Board and established a non-profit organization called EKWIP (Encouraging Kids With Incarcerated Parents).

Looking back at all the challenges Kim has had to overcome in life, she says that she wouldn’t change a thing. “Had it not been for the journey, both the highs and lows, I would not be who I am today. I would not have the wisdom and strength, and I would not have the testimony. So, in the end, no regrets.”