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A six-time Emmy award-winning TV producer, broadcast journalist, world traveler, mother of two, and, now, top-producing REALTOR® with Compass, Gitika Kaul has an insatiable passion for life. Tenacious, steadfast, and incredibly perceptive, nothing can stop her from accomplishing her goals.

A true citizen of the world, by the time Gitika was 35 years old, she had traveled to 35 different countries. Born in India, raised in California from the time she was 2, Gitika attended Boston University for broadcast journalism and first studied abroad at 19 years old, in Spain, and later, in London. Her 17-year career for ABC News kept her pretty transient. She’s lived in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, New York City, Kuwait, Iraq, India, and now D.C., which she calls home.

It would be impossible to mention all the major stories Gitika covered throughout her career. However, one of her first major stories was covering the 2000 election recount in Florida. Then, after 9/11, she became a war correspondent and did long stints in Kuwait and Iraq during the 2003 Iraq war. She covered the coup to overthrow Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti, and returned to Haiti to cover the devastating 2010 earthquake. She also has covered public health tragedies in Africa, India, and Bangladesh.

“I wanted to be a war correspondent when I was younger, and I’m glad I was able to do so in my 20s and gain such an incredible perspective. Seeing humanity during times of war, disasters, and distress teaches you so much about both the strengths and weaknesses we all face as humans,” says Gitika. “I still think of the people I met along the way during my travels.”

As a broadcast journalist, war correspondent, and TV producer who had worked at Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer, Chris Cuomo, Robin Roberts, and other famous news anchors, Gitika gained invaluable skills, like how to manage large projects under immense deadline pressure, how to operate in stressful environments, how not to take no for answer, how to analyze and read people and read between the lines, how to ask good questions, listen deeply, and devise creative ways to get desired results or solutions where there are none — all of which translated seamlessly into her real estate career, fueling her success.

Gitika actually first worked in real estate while in college. She was the office manager for a broker in Boston. As she learned the ins and outs of the business, she knew it was something she would come back to when the time right was right. That time came in 2016.

“I only wish I would have gotten started sooner. Truly, this career suits my heart and brain equally well,” she says. “It is such a relief to love what you do and feel like the sky’s the limit. When I started selling homes, I was a bit surprised that I felt that same passion I hadn’t felt since the early days of my journalism career. I rose up fast in journalism because I loved it so much and it didn’t feel like ‘work.’ I realized that was my modus operandi — love your work first, work hard, and reap the benefits of success,” she says.

While Gitika has covered the globe and seen nearly every part of the world, the center of her world these days is her family — her two sons, Ahren (6), and Deven (4), and her husband Rajeev. Most nights since quarantine, they sit around with the boys and sing songs (Rajeev plays guitar and sings), their favorite being the new BBC version of “Times Like These.” They also consider their au pair, Katie Rodriguez, an essential part of their family, whom they love and adore.

As Gitika continues her journey now in real estate, setting new goals and breaking new ground, she will continue to “trust the process of life,” her mantra.

“It may have taken me a while to genuinely trust, but I would not change anything about my path. I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that there are immense opportunities for learning even when things don’t go exactly as planned. The not-knowing-everything is the joy of the journey. I embrace that now and know I am capable enough to figure it all out as I go along.”